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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

What is deionized water? Is it good for your health?

Deionized water is pure water, it is made by distillation or reverse osmosis. Deionized water is not good for your health if you drink it long-term. For good heart health you need to get mineral nutrition from the water you drink. In fact, tap water  is actually better for you than deionized water, especially if you filter it for toxins before you drink it. Tap water  contains alkaline minerals and bicarbonate. All natural water has minerals, carbonate, and other substances in it.

Chemistry of deionized water

what is deionized water infographic

Deionized water is NOT natural water – It is never found in nature!

Water is deionized by removing all of the impurities in it. In tap water, these impurities consist of mineral ions – mostly calcium and magnesium – in solution with carbonate ions, which is dissolved CO2. When in solution in water, these two ions balance each others atomic charge. Calcium and magnesium have a positive charge, carbonate has a negative charge. In water, they are magnetically attracted to one another, but not chemically bonded together.

Distilling water, or treating it with reverse osmosis removes all of these charged ions, what you are left with is pure water, nothing but H2O. Pure water has a pH of 7, unless you leave it exposed to air, then it becomes acidic. What makes pure water turn acidic when it is exposed to air is CO2, which when it is dissolved into water turns into carbonic acid. Pure water is “hungry” for ions; this is why pure water is never found in nature! When exposed to air, pure water will literally pull the CO2 out of the air. When combined with water, CO2 makes a weak solution of carbonic acid.

Why deionized water can be harmful to your health

As I stated previously, deionized water is hungry for ions. When you drink it, deionized water can absorb ions from your body. Calcium and magnesium are easy for deionized water to absorb, so it can steal these minerals from your tissues.

Some health experts recommend deionized water for short-term use to detoxify the body. If you choose to detox this way, you should seek the advice of a health expert. They can monitor your progress to make sure you don’t overdo it! (World Health Organization))

Why ionized alkaline water is healthy

Water ionizers split the mineral ions from the carbonate ions in tap water. Once separated from the carbonate ions, the positively-charged mineral ions then must find a new chemical equilibrium by pulling negatively-charged ions from the water itself. Water molecules give up a negatively charged ion called a hydroxyl ion (-OH). That hydroxyl ion is what makes alkaline water an antioxidant.

Alkaline minerals and hydroxyl ions combined are known to chemists as mineral hydrates. Ionized alkaline water contains both calcium and magnesium hydrates. Both of these mineral hydrates are recognized for their ability to make a valuable contribution to your nutrition status. Calcium hydrate is so good that it is used to fortify infant formula and orange juice with calcium!

Source: FDA website: Calcium hydroxide (hydrate)   Magnesium Hydroxide (hydrate)

World Health Organization recommends getting minerals from water

The World Health Organization recommends you get up to 20% of your daily mineral nutrition from drinking water. Your body absorbs calcium and magnesium 30% faster and easier from water than it does from food. A water ionizer helps you do this because it makes tap water taste better, a lot better in fact. Properly filtered and ionized, ordinary tap water becomes slightly sweeter and very refreshing, a lot like water that is drank fresh from protected mountain springs. (Ong, Choon) (World Health Organization)

Bottom line: If your water tastes great, it’s easy to get yourself to drink more of it!

Do you want the healthiest, best-tasting water in the world? Life Ionizers will transform your tap water into the best-tasting glass of healthy alkaline water you ever tasted – we guarantee it – Call us today at 877-959-7977 and take charge of your healthy future today!



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