Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Medical Use

Alkaline water is used in many alternative health therapies to address health issues related to acidity, aging, and environmental toxicity. Health practitioners have demanding requirements: The alkaline water produced must be purified of contaminants, and the machine that makes it must be able to keep up with patient demand. There are four qualities that make an alkaline water ionizer ideal for medical use:

best alkaline water ionizer for medical use infographic

The Life M-13 was designed for busy medical practices

  • Effective Filtration
  • High Antioxidant Potential
  • Ability to make high pH alkaline water
  • High flow rate

For medical use, an alkaline water ionizer must be able to meet all four of these requirements. Currently, there is only one water ionizer that does – the Life Ionizers M-13.

Why Life Ionizers filtration is better than other water ionizers

Life Ionizers are the only water ionizers that come with a custom configured prefiltration system. Effective filtration is critical for health practitioners. Contaminants in water have an effect on health, and that effect can interfere with the therapy that a patient is undergoing. Life Ionizers addresses the problem of contaminants in water with free custom-configured pre-filtration.

Pre-filtration is needed because every city’s water quality is different. The contaminants found in the water in Atlanta Georgia aren’t going to be the same as the contaminants found in the water in Los Angeles, California. For an alkaline water ionizer to be able to filter the contaminants found in a particular city’s water, it needs to have the correct filter installed – based on that city’s water quality. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that comes with the correct filter pre-configured because Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that checks a city’s water quality report to find out what kinds of contaminants are found in that city’s water. Based on that report, the pre-filter system that comes with every new Life Ionizer is configured with the correct filter(s) to address those contaminants.

Life M-13 makes high pH water – fast

life-ionizer-reviews-acupunctureHigh pH water (pH of 10+) is used in therapeutic settings to address health problems caused by acidity, and to help athletes overcome performance-robbing muscular acidosis. The Life M-13 was specifically designed to be able to make high pH alkaline water at its maximum flow rate of over 5 liters per minute. Because of this, Life M-13 can meet the high pH water needs of busy health practices.

There are competing ionizers that can make high pH water too, but they all have a serious shortcoming. None of them achieve the high negative ORP (antioxidant) levels that a Life Ionizer generates at a DRINKABLE pH level.  This is IMPORTANT!  Also, for applications that need high pH water, with an ordinary water ionizer, you have to slow the flow of the water down. That makes ordinary water ionizers unsuitable for medical use in busy practices. A doctor with a lot of patients waiting for alkaline water simply cannot afford to wait for an ordinary ionizer that can only make high pH water at a trickle and doesn’t have the high negative ORP also needed.

5-6 Liters per Minute Flow Rate: Life M-13 is the Niagara Falls of Water Ionizers

The Life M-13 is basically a commercial strength alkaline water ionizer that can be used in both home and office. The M-13 has a higher flow rate than any other ionizer in its class, it outperforms machines like the Enagic Leveluk commercial Kangen water machine which costs  $2,500 more.  The Leveluk commercial alkaline water ionizer also can’t make high pH alkaline water unless you slow the flow rate way down. The Life M-13 is in a class by itself, there are no other 13 plate alkaline water ionizers currently made for medical and therapeutic use.

Alkaline water for clinical research

Research is another area where Life Ionizers is the only alkaline water ionizer suitable for clinical use. Research is more demanding than medical treatment, the alkaline water used must not have any contaminants in it. Any contamination in water used in an experiment could cause unintended consequences, and ruin the experiment.

For research purposes, Life Ionizers can custom configure reverse osmosis systems and custom mineral blends to meet a researcher’s needs. These needs typically include making sure there is an exact blend of minerals in the water to be used in a particular study. Life alkaline water ionizers can also be fitted with optional UV light filtration. UV light filtration is used in water treatment to address bacteria, viruses, mold, and cysts that might be in the water. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that offers UV light protection.

The Life M-13 is great for businesses, large families too

Scientists and doctors aren’t the only ones that deserve to have the best alkaline water. The Life M-13 is also perfect for businesses that want to give their employees healthy water, for sports teams, and for large families. The M-13 will fill a pot faster than ordinary water ionizers, with the best tasting alkaline water you’ve ever drunk. Everyone deserves to have the best when it comes to alkaline water, because health is precious.


Putting an ionizer in your practice, office, or home is more economical than you might think. Call us at 877-959-7977 to see how easy it is to put a water ionizer in your home, and to find out how much money you’ll save over the cost of bottled water

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