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Is Water a Mineral?

Yes and no. Water when frozen in nature is a mineral. But when water is frozen in your refrigerator, it’s not a mineral. Water can also have minerals in it. These are just a few of the weird and interesting facts you learn when you learn more about water!
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The Truth about Ionized Water

All water found in nature is ionized water, what gives ionized alkaline water it’s health-restorative qualities is how its ionized. The negatively charge ions in ionized alkaline water give it antioxidant power that fights damaging Reactive Oxygen Species.
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Is hard water bad for you?

Is hard water bad for you? No. Hard water is actually good for you! Hard water contains beneficial calcium and magnesium – but it can be hard to absorb. You can make it easier to absorb – and taste better – by ionizing it with a water ionizer.
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