The Truth about Ionized Water

Nobody denies that there is such a thing as deionized water, even ionized water’s biggest skeptics don’t deny it.


All water found in nature is ionized water. What’s different about alkaline water is how it’s ionized

But by the same token, ionized water’s biggest critics claim that there is no such thing as ionized water. So here’s the obvious question: How can deionized water exist, if there is no such thing as ionized water? On that question, ionized water’s critics have chosen to remain silent.

Ionized water versus deionized water: What’s the difference?

The difference between ionized water and deionized water is simple. Ionized water has ions in it that come from substances dissolved in it. Deionized water has had all of the ions from other substances filtered out of it. That’s why deionized water is called deionized water. The filtration process it went through removed everything from it, only water molecules remain.

The water coming out of your tap is ionized water. It has mineral ions, like calcium and magnesium in it, and it has carbon ions in it, in a form called bicarbonate. When you evaporate your tap water, those mineral ions and bicarbonate ions bond together to form the hard water deposits that you see on faucets and plumbing in your home. All natural water is ionized water.

Is deionized water good for your health?

No. The World Health Organization (WHO), and many studies show conclusively that your health is better if your water is rich in mineral ions. In fact, the WHO recommends that you get 10 – 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink. Deionized water contains exactly zero percent of either mineral. In fact, some studies suggest that drinking deionized water may actually leach minerals from your bones and damage your heart.

Does that mean that tap water is better for you than deionized water?

Yes. All tap water contains mineral ions, so any tap water that you drink will be more nutritious and better for you than deionized water. Many people falsely believe that if water is “pure” it must be good for you. Deionized, distilled, and reverse osmosis water is pure water. All three types of water are worse for your health than tap water! Deionized water is hungry for minerals. It will dissolve minerals from anything it touches. That includes your bones, tissues such as heart muscle, and more. Tap water, with all its impurities, will not attack your bones and heart the way deionized water does. But because it can be hard to absorb, and contains impurities, to be perfectly healthy for you, tap water needs a little help.

So my water is already ionized, what does a water ionizer do?

What a water ionizer does is exchange the carbon ions in your tap water for hydroxyl ions. Tap water is ionized by the healthy minerals you need, but they come combined with carbon ions, which can make them hard for your body to absorb. Alkaline water made rich in antioxidant hydroxyl ions from an alkaline water machine is easier for your body to absorb. That is why alkaline ionized water has the healthy qualities that have made it so popular. Your body needs minerals, it needs antioxidants, and alkaline water made by an alkaline water machine has both.

Water rich in hydroxyl ions and healthy minerals is found in nature, but it’s very rare. There are only 7 known mineral springs that produce hydroxyl ion rich antioxidant alkaline water. Those antioxidant spring waters have been revered for centuries for their health-restorative properties. People have traveled to them from all over the world to break the spell of aging. Unless you live near one of those rare antioxidant springs, the only place to get age-fighting antioxidant ionized alkaline water is from a water ionizer.

Water ionizers turn your tap water into naturally antioxidant alkaline water, just like from a mountain spring. In fact, Life Ionizers guarantees that you’ll get the highest possible antioxidant potential in every glass of pH-balanced water you drink.

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