Why the best Water Ionizers have GRID Plates

GRID Plates in the Life Ionizers give the best pH, -ORP and molecular hydrogen of any other water system

Most home water ionizers on the market today can be had with two types of plates:  Flat plates or MESH plates. Life Ionizers has recently released a new breakthrough in ionizer plate technology: GRID Plates™.

Introducing Life Ionizers NEW Plexus Power Plates™

Plexus Power Plates – The only ionizer plates designed to work better with hard water

What’s the difference? Plexus Power Plates™ provide 10 – 15% more antioxidant potential to alkaline water than equivalent MESH plates do, and more than flat plates do. The reason you get more antioxidant potential in alkaline water from a machine with Plexus Power Plates™ is simple physics: Electricity likes to jump off of an edge, it resists jumping off of smooth surfaces, Plexus Power Plates™ are designed to have more edge surface. Because of this, a water ionizer with Plexus Power Plates™ plates ionizes more efficiently, is more energy efficient, it has less resistance to overcome when ionizing water.

Plexus Power Plates: Built better, built to last

Plexus Power Plates are built to outlast MESH or flat plates. The plexus matrix is formed on sturdy titanium plates, then the plates are given 8 coats of platinum, giving them the most durable coating of platinum of any ionizer plate.  The result are plates that are so strong, they are guaranteed for life. Learn More!

How water ionizer plates work

A water ionizer works by using electromagnetism to separate water into alkaline water and acid water. Generally, the more electromagnetic force a water ionizer can transfer into water, the more powerful the ionized alkaline water it will produce. To ionize water, the water ionizer must be able to overcome the electrical resistance of the water. There are three ways to increase the ability of a water ionizer to ionize water:

  • Increase the power
  • Put more edges on the plates
  • Add chemicals to the water

Increase power: Is the brute force way of increasing water ionization, it’s used by water ionizer makers because it works. The more power a water ionizer has, the greater the electromagnetic force it can produce.

Put more edges on the plates: Adding edges to a plate provides more low resistance paths for electromagnetic power. Increasing the number of paths for an electromagnetic force to travel through the water reduces the water’s resistance to the electromagnetic force. This is why Plexus Power Plates™ are better, they simply conduct power more efficiently than flat plates do.

Add chemicals to the water: Adding chemicals to water will reduce it’s resistance to electromagnetic force. Water ionizers like the Kangen water machine add chemicals to water for this reason. This is what can happen when you chemically “spike” your water with Kangen additives:

  • Makes water toxic – Strong Kangen water is poisonous – you can’t drink it!
  • Side effects – Kangen uses an additive called calcium glyphosate, which has been linked to kidney stones and other potentially adverse health effects.
  • Damage to the ionizer –  Some chemical additives can actually destroy the plates in the ionizer.

The difference between Plexus Power Plates™ and flat plates

Electricity always follows the path of least resistance. Plexus Power Plates™ provide many paths of least resistance to electric current, which is why they’re more efficient than flat plates. A Plexus Power Plate™ has a scientifically designed matrix pattern with many edges that conduct electricity into the water as water flows over, around, and through the plate. For this reason, an ionizer with Plexus Power Plates™ uses less power overall to make stronger alkaline water.

A flat plate has only 4 edges, it conducts electricity along those edges, but the space in the middle of the plate conducts very little power. If you have a water ionizer with very large flat plates, such as the Kangen water machine, the space in the middle of those plates is wasted, little or no power will be transferred into water by the middle of those plates.

Life Ionizers Plexus Power Plates™ are more reliable than flat plates in hard water

Hard water can be a problem for some ionizers, Kangen water machine owners have to manually clean their ionizers once every two weeks. The reason the Kangen machine needs cleaning so often is that Enagic Kangen uses large flat plates, and the machine lacks advanced cleaning technology. The large, flat plates in a Kangen Machine are very close together, so they clog up with hard water deposits easily. With hard water, a Kangen machine owner has to manually clean their ionizer 24 times per year!

Plexus Power Plates™ allow greater flow than flat plates do, they aren’t as sensitive to hard water deposits. Life Ionizers combines Plexus Power Plates™ plate technology with our patent-pending Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC™) technology to ensure years of reliable service. The RADC™ system uses a series of precisely timed electrical shocks to break hard water deposits free from the plates. Plexus Power Plates™ respond better to RADC™ cleaning than flat plates do because they distribute those electrical shocks more evenly than flat plates do.  Life Ionizers also provides free custom pre-filtration that can further protect the plates from hard water damage if you need it.

The combination of RADC™ cleaning technology, Plexus Power Plates™, MAX Power™ and custom pre-filtration makes a Life water ionizer a lot more reliable than conventional machines with flat plates like the Kangen machine. A Life Ionizers gives you push-button convenience when cleaning: Simply use the RADC™ cleaning system to keep you Life Ionizer flowing freely, and run a cleaning cartridge at filter changes. With Plexus Power Plates™, you will enjoy years of trouble free service, and get more antioxidant potential in every glass of alkaline water you drink!


Plexus Power Plates™ and RADC™ technology are just two of the many advantages that make Life Ionizers the best ionizers. Call us today at 888 790-8121 it’s easier to than you think to put a brand new Life Ionizer in your home!

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