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Alkaline Water and Life Extension

The body gradually loses an important defense against age-related decline as we grow old, called the alkaline buffer. Alkaline Buffer Declines with Age As we age, starting around age 45, our alkaline buffer begins to decline. The loss of alkaline buffer means that the body is aged more rapidly, as
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Is Alkaline Water a Scam?

Any water with a pH higher than 7 is alkaline water, if you have hard water you may already have alkaline water coming out of the tap! But what about health claims? Widely-quoted skeptic Brian Dunning dismisses alkaline water by claiming “All alkaline water does is raise the pH of
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What are the dangers of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline water has been consumed for centuries for its beneficial effect on health. Throughout history, people have sought out the alkaline mineral waters found in places like Nordenau in Germany, Hitsu Tenorio in Japan, and Carlsbad Mineral Springs in Carlsbad California because these waters are legendary for their ability to
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5 Reasons to drink Alkaline Water

Water from protected mountain springs has been drunk for centuries for health, healing and life extension. What do all the drinking waters from mountain springs have in common?  They are all ionized alkaline mineral waters. Why is ionized alkaline mineral water the “right” kind of water to drink? It’s because
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Alkaline Water FACTS: How to reverse aging

“Core Pathway” of Aging: Harvard study Scientists at the Dana-Farber Institute have conducted research that they say has identified the root molecular cause of age-related decline. According to the senior author of the report, Ronald A. DePinho: “What we have found is the core pathway of aging connecting several age-related
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