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Alkaline Water and Life Extension

alkaline water anti aging benefits

Alkaline water protects the body’s alkaline buffer, which declines as we age

The body gradually loses an important defense against age-related decline as we grow old, called the alkaline buffer.

Alkaline Buffer Declines with Age

As we age, starting around age 45, our alkaline buffer begins to decline. The loss of alkaline buffer means that the body is aged more rapidly, as it is exposed to oxidative damage.  By the age of 90, we lose 18% of bicarbonates in our blood.

As we lose bicarbonates in our bloodstream, our bodies lose the ability to neutralize the acids that are produced by metabolism. The body then accumulates excess acids, resulting in degenerative diseases and premature aging. Excess acidic wastes accumulate in the body as cholesterol, fatty acids, uric acid, urate, sulfate, phosphate, kidney stones, etc.

Ionized Alkaline Water in the stomach

Does the stomach acid neutralize alkaline water? Clinical testing says no, research has shown that stomach pH is increased by alkaline water, and it remains .5 to 1 pH higher up to a half hour later.

What’s the big deal about a 1 pH increase? The pH scale is logarithmic – this means that a 1 pH increase represents a 10-fold increase in alkalinity! What is simply amazing is that any acid the stomach does generate actually increases alkalinity in the blood! Here’s how it works:

Water, carbon dioxide and sodium chloride combine to produce hydrochloric acid for the stomach. Sodium bicarbonate – which is alkaline – is a byproduct of stomach acid production. The hydrochloric acid goes into your stomach, and the sodium bicarbonate goes into your bloodstream.

Bicarbonates provide an alkaline buffer in our blood. The body uses it to maintain a constant blood pH. When the blood becomes too acidic, the bicarbonate buffer works to bring the pH up.

Alkaline Water and the body’s Alkaline Buffer

Bicarbonates give the bodies the ability to regulate its pH naturally when an acid imbalance occurs. Water is the best way to get minerals like calcium that the body needs to maintain it’s alkaline buffer. Calcium is actually 30% easier to absorb from water than it is from food!

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is the easiest way to get minerals you need every day from water, because it tastes better than regular water. The advantage to you is: If your water tastes better, you are more likely to drink it!

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