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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Is Alkaline Kangen Water better for you?

The kangen water® machine is sold by marketers who promote kangen water® as a healthy water that can restore your health. They have a point, but is it worth the $3,980 it costs to buy a Kangen water machine? The truth is, kangen water® is just like the alkaline water made by any other water ionizer, there is nothing special about it. Anything that can be claimed for Kangen water can also be claimed for alkaline water from any other brand of water ionizer. In this article are some of the alkaline kangen water® claims you should be wary of.

Is Alkaline Kangen Water® Microclustered?

Enagic Kangen® claims that their machine produces water whose molecules are “restructured” or “microclustered” to produce “hexagonal water”. Kangen® sales reps often claim that restructuring makes their water hydrate better. They’re right that alkaline water hydrates you better, but not because it’s “hexagonal” or “restructured.”  There is no such thing as microclustered or restructured water. The sales people that claim there misunderstood a scientific concept called hydrogen bonding: Water molecules can connect to one another, but only for a few trillionths of a second. Then they break apart. That phenomenon is called hydrogen bonding, and it has no effect on your health.

Alkaline water does hydrate you better than plain water, but it does so because of the alkaline mineral hydrates in it. Alkaline water is rich in calcium hydrate and magnesium hydrate; both of these mineral hydrates reduce the surface tension of water. Because alkaline water has lower surface tension than plain water, it passes through cell walls easier.

Is Alkaline Kangen Water® an Antioxidant?

Alkaline kangen water has antioxidant potential, just like the alkaline water made by other brands of water ionizers. Kangen® sales reps often quote three Japanese studies that evaluated alkaline water as an antioxidant. What these studies found is that you have to combine alkaline water with a proton donor (such as vitamin C) to make it into an antioxidant. All by itself, alkaline water does neutralize harmful Reactive Oxygen Species, chemicals in the body that damage tissues and DNA. Enagic Kangen® misinterpreted the study results, they’re wrong about antioxidant alkaline water.

Pro Tip: Mix ionized alkaline water with powdered vitamin C (such as Emergen C®) to make a powerful anti-aging antioxidant. Drink it right away because the mix will lose potency fast!

Can Kangen Water® cure Cancer?

No, this claim is perhaps the worst one of all because kangen® reps use it to bilk sick people out of thousands of dollars by filling them with false hope. Alkaline water can benefit your health, but don’t think of it as a cure for disease.

The Real Benefit of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline water supplies your body with calcium and magnesium in a highly bioavailable form. In fact, calcium and magnesium are 30% easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food. Large studies of populations in the US and Europe prove that alkaline water will protect your arteries, and it’s good for your heart. The reason that the calcium and magnesium in alkaline water is beneficial to you is that most people are mineral deficient. Your body needs to get adequate calcium and magnesium every day for good heart health. There are many other health problems that mineral deficiency also plays a part in such as bone loss and poor digestive health.

FACT: Hard water is alkaline water! You can actually get better health by drinking tap water than you can by drinking most bottled waters! This is because most bottled water is mineral deficient.

Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is superior to hard water for health purposes. This is because it has higher alkalinity, so it can contribute to a healthy pH balance. Alkaline water is easier to absorb than tap water, so you get better hydration from it as well as beneficial calcium and magnesium.

The Bottom Line: Kangen water® is alkaline water, there are health benefits to drinking alkaline water, but there is no extra benefit to drinking kangen water®. Save your money, avoid the kangen water® machine, it’s too expensive.

Want to know more about the real benefits of alkaline water? Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977 for research- and evidence-based facts about the benefits of alkaline water.

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