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RADC self cleaning technology

What is RADC self cleaning technology and Why?

What is Life Ionizers RADC self cleaning technology?  Water ionizers are more prone to becoming clogged b?y

RADC self cleaning technology

Reverse Action Dual Cleaning technology: Why Life Ionizers works with hard water, and other brands don’t

hard water deposits than any other appliance! The reason for this is that water ionizers convert the mineral bicarbonates in tap water into mineral hydroxides. Those mineral hydroxides are even more prone to stick to surfaces than the mineral bicarbonates they replace. Life Ionizers  RADC self cleaning technology breaks up those deposits and keeps the insides of your Life Ionizer clean between filter changes.

Life Ionizers RADC self cleaning technology is why Life Ionizers work better with hard water than other brands

The mineral hydrates in alkaline water are what gives alkaline water it’s health benefits. They are also more hydrophobic, harder to dissolve in water, than the mineral bicarbonates they replace. Because of that, the mineral hydrates in alkaline water are more likely to settle out of water, and stick to the internal parts of a water ionizer. In response to this, Life Ionizers developed our exclusive proprietary Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) self cleaning technology. Only Life Ionizers has it, and it is why Life water ionizers work better with hard water than any other brand of water ionizer.

How RADC self cleaning technology works

A water ionizer has two water outlets: One for alkaline water, and one for acidic water. But only one of those outlets is prone to get hard water deposits – the alkaline side. The acidic water outlet never gets mineral build up because water ionizers remove the mineral content from the acidic side. No mineral content = no mineral build up.

Ordinary water ionizers simply reverse the current to clean themselves. Reversing the current  makes the alkaline outlet produce acidic water, and the acidic outlet produce alkaline water. With that reversal, the acidic water coming out of the alkaline outlet melts away some of the built up mineral deposits. Ordinary water ionizers that use this basic cleaning system require frequent cleaning.

A Life Ionizer goes much further. It reverses current, and uses a special pattern of electrical shockwaves that actually break up deposits. Life’s RADC system rapidly reverses current and delivers a series of shockwaves which pulverizes deposits so the ionizer can purge them out. Life’s RADC cleaning system is so effective, that Life Ionizers is able to guarantee our ionizers for life.

Life Ionizers work with hard water, other ionizers don’t

So what happens if you get a water ionizer that doesn’t have RADC self-cleaning technology? If you buy a Kangen Water machine and use it with hard water, it voids your warranty. The Kangen machine can’t handle hard water, it can destroy the plates on the machine. If that happens, you’ll have to pay $800 to replace the plates.

Frequent cleaning is needed for ionizers that don’t have Life’s RADC technology. Brands without RADC technology can require daily cleaning to avoid having them clog up with hard water deposits. In fact if you have a Kangen machine, you actually have to disassemble and clean it by hand every six days!

Why Life Ionizers is the only ionizer that works well with hard water

If you have hard water, it needs to be properly conditioned before running it through your ionizer. Life does this with customized scale-block filtration. If you need this type of filtration, Life Ionizers will include it with your new Life Ionizer for free. Every new Life Ionizer comes with a custom configured water filtration system which is set up to address the contaminants in your local water supply. Life takes the time to get a copy of your local water quality report, which is filed annually with the EPA by your local water utility. Based on the information in that report, Life custom-configures your filters to ensure you get the highest quality of water, and years of dependable, trouble free service from your Life Ionizer. Life is the only water ionizer company that cares enough about your water quality to provide this free service.

Want to know more about YOUR local water quality? Give us a call at 877-959-7977 for a free, no obligation water quality consultation.

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