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How to clean a kangen water machine

How to clean a kangen water machine by Top Water Ionizers

The kangen water® machine is one of the oldest water ionizers on the market today, and it’s the most difficult water ionizer to clean. There is an 8-step process manual  for cleaning a kangen water® machine. Additionally, you need to return your kangen® machine to Enagic® twice a year for factory cleaning (at your expense). You must follow the 8 cleaning steps carefully, because if you do it wrong, you will destroy the machine’s plates, which will cost you $800 to replace!

How to clean a kangen water machine

Maintaining a kangen water® machine is a lot of work

Compare the kangen water® machine to Life Ionizers

Kangen water® machine maintenance

You must run the kangen water® machine on its acid water setting every day for 3 – 5 minutes. (The kangen machine is the only water ionizer that needs this.) Additionally, you need to perform the 8 step cleaning process on the kangen water machine twice per month if you have hard water.

ProTip: Make enough kangen water® with your machine to last you for 5 – 8 hours. Your machine will be offline for cleaning during this process!

8 Steps to clean a Kangen® Machine – Do every two weeks

    1. Shut the machine off

    1. Disassemble the machine and remove  the filter

    1. Install the CPU (cleaning powder unit) in the space where the filter was and pour one packet of e-cleaner powder (makes acid) into the CPU and close the top

    1. put both hoses that come out of the kangen® machine into a cup or pitcher

    1. Run water through the machine until both ends of the hoses are submerged in water

    1. Let the machine soak overnight (5 – 8 hours)

    1. Remove the hoses from the cup or pitcher you put them in, and run water through the machine for 10 – 15 minutes with the CPU still inside

  1. Remove the CPU and reinstall your filter


As you can see, it is a lot of work to maintain the kangen water® machine. You have to do these 8 steps every two weeks! Compare this to the cleaning process for a Life Ionizers, which you only need to do every 6 months.

WARNING: If you improperly shake the kangen® machine while the e-cleaner powder is in it, you can destroy the plates in the machine. Be very careful not to shake or jar the kangen® machine while cleaning it! This happens because the e-cleaner is very acidic.

5 Steps to clean a Life Ionizer – Do every 6 months

    1. Remove the machine’s primary filter, install the Life cleaning cartridge

    1. Run water through the machine until some comes out

    1. Let sit overnight

    1. Flush water through the machine for 5 minutes

  1. Reinstall primary filter

Your Life Ionizer does not need to be returned to the factory for deep cleaning like the kangen® machine does. Life uses a patent-pending cleaning technology – called Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) – to keep your machine clean.

Why Life Ionizers is easier to maintain than the kangen water machine

Life Ionizers developed the RADC process initially for our commercial water ionizers. The RADC process reduced the maintenance costs for our commercial ionizer owners significantly. Because RADC works so well at keeping your ionizer clean, Life adapted the RADC technology to our entire line of home water ionizers. RADC uses a unique rapid current switching process to break hard water deposits loose, so they don’t foul up your ionizer. The kangen water® machine does not have RADC technology, so it can’t keep itself clean like a Life can.

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