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The Dangers of Alkaline Water Ionizers

If you search online you can find websites that scream about the ‘dangers’ of alkaline water ionizers.


“Dangers?” If you drink alkaline water with a pH of 10, you just might live longer!

What are these dangers? According to ecologist (not doctor) James P. McMahon, opinions among health experts is ‘mixed’. So James helpfully pitches in with his own opinions – spoiler alert: He doesn’t like them. James claims they’re a “fad” but somehow glosses over the fact that water ionizers have been in use for over 50 years.

The Facts:

  • Over 40 studies show health benefits from ionized alkaline water
  • Water ionizers are registered medical devices in Japan and Korea
  • High pH water has been consumed for centuries for its healthy properties

McMahon: The pH of your water is an important part of your health regimen

McMahon states that “The pH of your water is an important part of your health regime” but in his opinion, you should only drink water with a pH of 7.4 to 7.6. McMahon fails to explain why it’s his opinion, and he doesn’t provide any evidence to support his opinion. Why doesn’t McMahon provide any evidence? He can’t. The historical record, reaching back hundreds of years, shows the exact opposite.

The Evidence, There’s hundreds of years of evidence that shows the legendary healing power of antioxidant alkaline water:

Okinawa Centenarians drink water with a Ph of 10 every day

So what really happens to you if you drink water with a pH of 10, every day, for your entire life? Well, you just might live to be over 100! The people of Okinawa, Japan drink water with a pH of 10, that’s the pH of the water naturally available on Okinawa. They are also the longest-lived people in the world, many of them live to be over 100. Their lifestyles are simple, they eat healthy foods, get regular exercise, meditate, and they drink alkaline water with a pH of 10.

Where else do people drink water with a pH of 10?

The pH of the water on Okinawa is 10, and the people that live there live longer than anybody else. But could that be a fluke? What about other places where the pH of the water is greater than 8? There are just a few places on Earth where the water you get has the same healthy high pH and antioxidant properties as the water you get from a water ionizer:

Nordenau is a natural spring in Germany that also has a pH of 10. Over the centuries, almost miraculous healing powers have been ascribed to Nordenau water. In fact, the Nordenau spring is now a high-priced resort where wealthy people go to rejuvenate their bodies and restore their health.

Tiacote water found in Mexico also has a pH of around 10. This site is accessible to people who aren’t rich, but be prepared to wait. Sometimes, up to 10,000 people per day flock to Jesus Chahin’s well , from which the legendary water flows. They stand in the hot sun for hours, just for the chance to fill a can or bottle with Tiacote water.

Hita Tenryosui water in Japan is also a high pH water that people have sought out for centuries for it’s amazing healing properties. This water is said to bolster the immune system, and fight aging.

The fact is, people have been seeking these high pH alkaline waters for centuries. The healing powers of these waters have been documented in medical literature and in historical records. Some researchers have shown that these waters have extra acid-fighting abilities due to their high pH levels. Other research has shown that the antioxidant potential of these healing waters may help break the spell of aging. One thing we do know is this: The only way to get this kind of healing water outside of going to these natural springs yourself, is to get it from a water ionizer.

Is there any research that says alkaline water is good for you?

Yes, unlike McMahon, who only has his biased opinion of alkaline water to support his claims, you can find over 40 studies that show health benefits from alkaline water. Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic now suggests that research shows a link between drinking alkaline water and bone health. Other research shows that it can lower blood pressure, improve hydration status, improve digestive health, and many other benefits. Research on the health benefits of alkaline water is ongoing, for a very good reason: Alkaline water shows promise for maintaining and improving health. Alkaline water isn’t a fad, the machines that make it have been around for decades. In that time, there hasn’t been a single adverse effect reported – none. For centuries before alkaline water ionizers were invented, people journeyed hundreds or even thousands of miles to find springs that make the same kind of water: A high pH alkaline water with antioxidant properties. James McMahon needs to read up on his history, his opinion, as well as being worthless, is flat out wrong.

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