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Alkaline Drinking Water Pros and Cons

Alkaline drinking water is fast becoming America’s favorite beverage as consumers clamor for the water that has been credited with amazing health benefits by their friends and family. That’s a big pro for alkaline water, but could there be any cons? If you’re not careful – yes.

It is possible to pay too much for alkaline water, or be fooled into paying exorbitant prices for alkaline water without antioxidant benefits. Here are the alkaline drinking water pros and cons that you need to know to make sure you’re drinking the healthiest alkaline water – and not getting ripped off.

Did you know? Dr. Ray Kurzweil, the head of life extension research at Google, says that antioxidant benefit of ionized alkaline water is it’s most important health benefit

pros and cons of alkaline drinking water infographic

Better Health – The pros of alkaline drinking water outweigh the cons.

What are the Pros and Cons of drinking alkaline water?

    • Pro: Better health: Alkaline water has been shown to be better than plain water for overall health in several studies
    • Con: New drinkers may have side effects: Some people new to alkaline water may experience detox symptoms like craving alkaline water, frequent urination, or even slight flu like symptoms. These symptoms are believed to be caused by the release of stored up toxins in the tissues, are mild, and  they clear up within a week.
    • Solution: Start by drinking level 1 alkaline water, and alternate having glasses of alkaline water and purified water until your body detoxes enough for the symptoms to subside.
    • Pro: Better tasting: Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes better than regular water, it’s sweeter and more refreshing.
    • Con:White residue on glasses. The mineral compounds in alkaline water that make it taste so good are hydrophobic – they don’t stay dissolved in water, so you get a white residue on glasses when you drink high pH alkaline water.
    • Solution: Use a small amount of vinegar in water when you wash glasses with the white residue on them, it comes right off.
    • Pro: Purity: When you drink alkaline water from a quality water ionizer, your water is purified of toxins by the machine’s filters.
    • Con: Contaminants: When you drink bottled alkaline water, or water from an ionizer with  poor quality filtration like the Kangen Water machine, you could be exposed to toxins. The Kangen machine doesn’t filter heavy metals like lead, or salts. Bottled water can contain toxins absorbed from the plastic like antimony and BPA.
    • Solution: Insist on custom configured pre-filtration for your water ionizer. The right filters protect you from toxins. Never drink alkaline water from a plastic bottle! The minerals in alkaline water leech antimony from the plastic that the bottle is made from.
    • Pro: Antioxidant benefits: Alkaline drinking water from a water ionizer has antioxidant potential that can help your body resist harmful Reactive Oxygen Species – substances in your body that contribute to aging and illness.
    • Con: Alkaline water without antioxidant benefits: Most bottled alkaline water has no antioxidant benefit, so it won’t help your body fight Reactive Oxygen Species. When you buy bottled alkaline water, what you’re getting often isn’t any better than tap water.
    • FACT: Bottled alkaline water is not ionized alkaline water, it has no antioxidant benefit. The only alkaline water that is ionized with antioxidant benefits is made by water ionizers.
    • Solution: Avoid expensive bottled alkaline drinking water, and get your alkaline water straight from a water ionizer. The antioxidant benefit of alkaline water doesn’t keep, that’s why if you want the maximum antioxidant benefit from alkaline water, you must make it yourself with a water ionizer and drink it when it’s fresh.
    • Pro: Saving money: When you make alkaline drinking water yourself, with a water ionizer or a water alkalizer, you save tons of money over the cost of bottled alkaline water.
    • Con: Paying too much for overpriced water ionizers: Some water ionizers, like the Kangen Water machine, are way too expensive because they are sold through multi-level marketing. Buying products through MLM sales easily doubles the price you’d normally pay.
    • Solution: Buy Directly from the manufacturer: Life Ionizers are sold directly from the manufacturer, which is why they cost much less than the Kangen Water machine. Buying direct saves you money by cutting out the middle man. In the case of the Kangen Water machine, the middle man is actually 8 people that get paid every time a Kangen Water machine is sold.


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