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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Common Alkaline Water Machine Scams

kangen water machine scams infographic

These are the most common fraudulent claims made by kangen water reps

The Kangen Water® Machine

The kangen water® machine is sold by some pretty amazing claims, most of which turn out to be too good to be true. Outrageous claims such as “kangen water® cures cancer” are the reason kangen water® has earned a well-deserved reputation as a health fraud. Enagic®, the company that makes the kangen water® machine isn’t the source of these claims; its army of independent multi-level marketers (MLM) makes the fraudulent kangen water® claims. Enagic® claims that it can’t regulate the claims made by its MLM sales people, but that’s not true. Enagic® could police the claims made by its MLM salespeople, and suspend any reps that made outrageous claims, but it chooses not to. Because Enagic® refuses to self regulate its MLM sales force, kangen water® scams have become commonplace.

In all fairness, plenty of other websites that sell water ionizers make fraudulent disease claims as well. We’ve seen claims made by Jupiter dealers, Chanson dealers, and some ionizer comparison sites that sell more then one brand. But Enagic® seems to top the list.

Kangen water® cures diseases scam

Kangen water® is just a brand name owned by Enagic®, it is not medicine. By law, disease cure claims must be supported by clinical health trials, and approved by the FDA before a company can make them. Enagic’s® MLM sales force gets away with making illegal disease cure claims because the FDA doesn’t have enough resources to track them down and prosecute them. There are hundreds, if not thousands of kangen® sales reps, there is no way for the FDA to catch them.

Any claims that alkaline water cures diseases are not credible. You need to do double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, and get FDA approval to make these claims.

Bottom line: Claims that kangen water®, or any alkaline water cures disease are illegal and fraudulent

Fake Kangen Water News “Reports”

A common scam committed by kangen water reps is to make a video that looks like a segment from a TV news station. These fake news reports are often used to make disease cure claims for kangen water. Keep in mind, no TV news station is going to make disease cure claims for anything that has not been evaluated by the FDA. You should assume any news report video you see about kangen water is a fake, there are many fake kangen water news report videos on YouTube.

Bottom line: There has never been a positive news report on kangen water®

Pseudoscientific Kangen Water Claims

Another common way that kangen reps oversell their machine is through fake science. The most common bogus claim is that kangen water® is microclustered. Kangen® sales reps will often claim that water molecules are “restructured” by their machine into hexagonal clusters. This claim violates one of the fundamental laws of physics called The Three states of Matter. In short, water molecules don’t cluster together when water is in liquid form. Water molecules only cluster together when water forms ice (solid state of water).

Microclustering claims are all too common on the internet. Many other ionizer companies also make microclustering claims. But the fact of the matter is – microclustering is pseudoscientific nonsense – don’t believe them!

Bottom line: Microclustering is fake science, don’t believe it!

Kangen water machine plate claims

The last of the common kangen water scams is the claim that the kangen water machine’s plates has more platinum on them than other water ionizers.  This claim is used to justify the high price of the kangen water machine. But this claim is bogus; kangen only puts a tiny amount of platinum on the machines plates (.25 microns). By way of contrast Life Ionizers puts 300% more platinum on the plates of Life alkaline water ionizers (.75 microns). There is definitely nothing special about the plates in the kangen machine.

Bottom line: Life Ionizers machines have a 300% thicker coating of platinum than Enagic® machines

Compare the kangen water® machine to Life Ionizers

If you strip away all of the fraudulent claims that Enagic® reps make, the kangen® machine doesn’t stack up very well against Life Ionizers. The kangen® machine can’t reach the high pH and –ORP readings that a Life Ionizers can, because the kangen® machine is underpowered. Kangen® also only uses one filter in their machine, so it can’t purify your water as well as a Life Ionizers can. Life Ionizers uses dual internal filters, and a custom pre-filter (included free) giving you the purest alkaline water possible.

Click here to compare Life Ionizers  to Kangen

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