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Important Differences between Kangen Water and Alkaline Water

Kangen water™ is a brand name for ionized alkaline water made by the Enagic™ alkaline water machine. Enagic  salespeople often argue that  kangen water™ is “restructured” and that makes it different from alkaline water. However, that claim contradict the basic laws of physics and chemistry. Water in liquid form has no structure, so you can’t restructure it.

kangen water compared to alkaline water infographic

Kangen water is a Japanese myth, alkaline water is science – which do you trust your health with?

Alkaline water and kangen water™ are made using the exact same process. Water is filtered, and then electrically ionized. The quality of the water made depends entirely on the machine that makes it. The Kangen machine is the oldest water ionizer sold today in terms of technology, and the most expensive. That has a unfortunate effect on the quality of kangen water™

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Different Kinds of Kangen water™

There are 2 different kinds of Kangen water™, but only one of them is safe to drink. Strong Kangen water™ is made by adding salt water to the Kangen™ machine; it is not safe to drink because it contains chlorine. Regular Kangen alkaline water™ is for drinking, the acidic water is for health and beauty uses.

Is Kangen water™ a Scam?

No, but it is often marketed with aggressive sales tactics that can make it seem like a scam. The Kangen water machine™ can make alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 without chemicals. This level is significantly lower than most modern water ionizers, which can produce alkaline water with a pH of 11 or higher. The Kangen machine needs a salt water additive to reach 11 or higher, and that water isn’t safe to drink.

Most ads for the Kangen machine™ advertise the pH level the machine can reach when it makes water using the salt water additive – remember, that’s not safe to drink! That claim is misleading and makes Kangen water look like a scam because people buy the machine – for drinking water – thinking it can reach higher pH levels than it actually can.

Life Alkaline Water vs. Kangen water™

Life Alkaline Water Ionizers make better  alkaline water than Kangen does for about half the price. Life’s MXL-15 water ionizer can make alkaline water with a pH of over 11 (compared to 9.5 for the Kangen machine) and charge water with an  –ORP potential of over -900 mV (the Kangen system can only reach -350 mV).

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What does the FDA say about kangen water™

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