Life Ionizers: Alkaline Water AND Hydrogen Water – Combined!

Trying to decide between buying a hydrogen water ionizer or an alkaline water ionizer?

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Life Ionizers: The benefits of hydrogen water and alkaline water combined!

You can have both – in ONE machine!!! LIFE Ionizers with our exclusive Hydrogen XL technology. The only brand of water ionizer that makes both hydrogen-rich water and antioxidant alkaline water at the same time!!!  

LIFE gives you the benefits of hydrogen and antioxidant alkaline water in the same glass. Our Hydrogen XL technology combines massive power, incredibly durable plates and the ultimate anti scale technology. Hydrogen XL technology enables LIFE Ionizers to produce more hydrogen and greater antioxidant potential than any other brand of hydrogen water machine! You get twice the benefits with LIFE than you can with any other brand of ionizer.

Two for One health benefits – only from LIFE Ionizers

With LIFE Ionizers MXL Series, you get the benefits of antioxidant alkaline water and hydrogen water in every glass you drink! No other ionizer gives you both. How does LIFE do it? We make the world’s most powerful home water ionizers, with ultra-durable GRID plate technology and Clean-Tek Anti-scale technology. The combination of high power, durable plates, and anti-scale technology enables LIFE Ionizers to push a lot of power to the plates. Enough power to make antioxidant alkaline and hydrogen-rich water at the same time.

How LIFE’s Hydrogen XL technology makes hydrogen-rich water

To get hydrogen from water, you need a lot of power because you have to split water molecules. Water molecules are made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and those atoms are tightly bonded. The tighter the bond between atoms in a molecule, the more power you need to split them up. Water molecules are one of the most tightly-bonded molecules in the universe. Top-of-the-line LIFE Ionizers with Hydrogen XL technology can crank out up to 800 watts of power, the most power of any ionizers made. All that massive power enables a LIFE Ionizer to split more water molecules and release more hydrogen than any other brand of ionizer

GRID plates produce more molecular hydrogen than any other type of plate

life-ionizer-reviews-health-wellnessHigh-powered ionizers can produce a lot of hydrogen, but the plates had better be tough enough to take a beating or the machine won’t last very long. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company to offer drop-forged GRID plates – and they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Drop forging is an industrial process where molten metals are hammered into shape at very high pressure. That hammering process produces a denser metal than the cheaper casting process used by all other water ionizer companies. The density of our GRID plates, along with LIFE’s exclusive 8 coat MAX Coat platinum coating makes LIFE’s GRID plates the toughest plates on the market. The toughness and durability of our GRID plates is the reason why LIFE Ionizers can put more power to the plates than any other brand of ionizer, and still be able to guarantee that our GRID plates will last a lifetime.

How LIFE Clean-Tek technology maintains optimum hydrogen performance

When you have a lot of power, and ultra tough GRID plates, there’s only one other thing that can quickly degrade your ionizer’s ability to make hydrogen. Hard water deposits. If they coat the plates in your ionizer, they reduce the amount of plate surface area that can make hydrogen. When that happens, the amount of hydrogen your ionizer makes rapidly drops to zero.

In fact, the #1 consumer complaint about hydrogen water machines is that they quickly become clogged with hard water deposits which destroy their plates, rendering the machines useless – often within the first year of ownership. But that won’t happen with LIFE Ionizers! Life’s exclusive Clean-Tek technology stops hard water deposits from clogging your machine.

LIFE’s Clean-Tek technology stops hard water deposits from sticking to the plates. Our Clean Tek technology is combined with our patent-pending Dual Action Reverse Cleaning (DARC) system. DARC automatically maintains the plates in your machine. No other ionizer has Clean Tek and DARC technology, and that’s why other hydrogen water machines rapidly fail.

Half the price of Kangen water, twice the benefits!

For about half the price of a Kangen machine, you can own a LIFE Ionizer that gives you hydrogen-rich alkaline water in every glass. The Kangen machine is just too weak to make truly hydrogen-rich water. In fact, in testing the Kangen machine only made 0.6 ppm hydrogen. It lacks the necessary technology to keep the plates clean and operate at the level of performance necessary to make hydrogen-rich alkaline water. In fact, the Kangen machine’s plates are so flimsy that Enagic’s warranty only covers them for hard water damage once. If they fail again, you have to pay $800 to fix them, even if your machine is still under warranty.

LIFE Ionizers – The best hydrogen water machine AND alkaline water ionizer money can buy

With a LIFE Ionizer, you are buying the best alkaline water machine AND the best hydrogen water machine combined. Other companies force you to choose; alkaline water or hydrogen water. Then they sell you a machine that quickly becomes clogged with hard water deposits, and it costs you a fortune to have it fixed.

When you buy a LIFE Ionizer, you get a hydrogen-rich alkaline water machine that is number one for:

    • Health benefits – You get the benefits of hydrogen AND alkaline water
    • Filtration – All LIFE Ionizers come with a free custom-configured filtration system
    • Power – LIFE Ionizers are the most powerful ionizers made
    • Plates – LIFE’s exclusive GRID plates outlast and outperform all other plates
    • Cleaning – LIFE’s Clean Tek technology keeps your ionizer cleaner than any other brand
  • Versatility – You can use a LIFE Ionizer countertop or under counter – it’s your choice

LIFE Ionizers – Twice the benefits for half the cost. Call 877 959-7977 and join the healthy hydrogen-rich alkaline water revolution today!


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  • MaryLou Alberts says:

    Hi! I own an M9 unit, along with the RO system. Just watch an episode on Hydrogen Water, them saying it was the best water. I have had my unit awhile, so is it not the BEST anymore? Please advise me and give me peace of mind. WATER IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

  • Laura Henderson says:

    Aloha, I purchased the Life M 13 x Next Generation I totally love my machine . I am in awe with these new advances but kids hard to afford lol. Life Ionizer is by far the best machine on the market. Tha person who helped me was Justin and he is awesome !!!

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