EXPOSED! 4 Life Ionizers Scams THEY are trying to hide

We have EXPOSED! 4 Life Ionizers Scams THEY are trying to hide!

Fraud: An act meant to deceive, usually for purposes of personal gain. When you’re the number one water ionizer manufacturer in the world, your competition gets desperate. So we have EXPOSED! 4 Life Ionizers Scams THEY are trying to hide desperate that they may go to any length – including outright fraud – to deceive an unsuspecting public. Recently, the number of Life Ionizers scams has simply exploded.

EXPOSED! 4 Life Ionizers Scams THEY are trying to hide

Buyer Beware – These 4 Life Ionizers scams have harmed consumers

Fake review sites, companies that try to pass their products off as Life Ionizers, and other scams have done serious harm to consumers who have been deceived into buying inferior products. If you’re shopping for a water ionizer, keep these Life Ionizer scams in mind, because the scammers are out to get you.

Life Ionizers Scams: Fake  “Reviews”

Two water ionizer “review” websites, Water Ionizer Authority and Alkaline Water Plus claim to “no longer carry” Life Ionizers. There’s a simple reason why they “no longer carry” Life Ionizers – They’ve never carried Life Ionizers! A quick search of the web shows that there are also other “review” sites that try to claim that they too “no longer carry” Life Ionizers. But the fact is, none of these “review” sites have ever been authorized Life Ionizer dealers because they failed to meet Life Ionizers qualifications. That’s why you can’t find any information on those sites about current Life Ionizer models. Because those websites are attempting to defraud consumers, Life Ionizers will not provide our current models to them for review.

Out of date Life Ionizer Reviews

If you search the web for Life Ionizer reviews, you’ll find lots of review sites that compare their ionizers to Life models such as the 7500, the 9000 series and others. The problem is, they’re comparing their current models to Life Ionizers that have been out of production for years! Never trust a water ionizer review site that doesn’t compare their ionizers to the Life M-Series water ionizers. The M-Series was introduced in 2013, and has been Life’s exclusive line of water ionizers since then. Any review that doesn’t include the Life M-Series is either out-of-date or fake.

Life Ionizers impersonators

Another particularly egregious Life Ionizer scam is that there is a competitor trying to impersonate Life Ionizers! The competitor is called Air Water Life Ionizers, and they sell cheap Chinese knock-offs that our testing proves don’t even work! Their ionizers, which look suspiciously like some older Life models, don’t actually raise the pH of the water going through them if you remove the machine’s filter. The reason those machines don’t work without the filter is that their filter is adding substances to the water to raise its pH. A real water ionizer raises the pH of water with electromagnetism by changing restructuring the mineral compounds in tap water. Be very careful when shopping for a Life Ionizer, this is one case where imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery!

Fake Science: Can water ionizer plates melt?

Another scam to watch out for comes from Enagic Kangen dealers. There have been fraudulent kangen claims about Life Ionizer plates for as long as kangen has been in business. Some of those fraudulent claims are hard to spot, others are fairly easy. One such claim is the suggestion that water ionizer plates could melt. The fact is, the titanium and platinum used to make a water ionizer’s plates won’t melt. It takes at least 2,300 degrees to melt titanium, and even more for platinum. There is no way a water ionizer could generate that much heat.

How to save big on Life Ionizers

There is a simple way for you to avoid the many Life Ionizer scams floating around on the internet. Buy your new ionizer directly from Life Ionizers. Life sells factory direct because it cuts out the middle man, so you save money, and Life is able to ensure your purchase is handled with the utmost in care for your health. It matters, to make sure you get the right filters for your water quality, Life Ionizers has experts on staff that assess your local water quality report. That report contains a list of the toxins found in your water. Life uses that information to ensure you have the right filter. Life Ionizers has been the industry leader for 18 years for a very good reason: We insist on the quality of the alkaline water made by our ionizers. That’s why Life has the only  ISO and WQA certified lead-free factory that manufactures ionizers.

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