Kangen water Scam | Salt Water Rip-off

How much would you be willing to pay for a bottle of salt water? If you’re a kangen water® machine owner, the answer to that question is $18.00 for six 400 mL bottles. That’s the price Enagic® charges for its “electrolysis enhancer”. Enagic® and its army of multi-level marketers claim that you can’t substitute your own mixture of salt and water, but that’s not true. As long as you use pure salt (no iodine) you can make your own saline solution for about 16 cents.

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Really Enagic? $18.00 for 6 bottles of salt water?

Health Warning: We recommend you never use salt water in a drinking water ionizer because the electrolysis of salt water makes chlorine.

Why no iodine in the salt? Because the electrolysis of iodine will cause the platinum on the titanium plates of an ionizer to peel off.

Strong Kangen water® is chlorinated

Enagic®’s electrolysis enhancer is used to make strong Kangen water®. Unfortunately, Enagic® doesn’t inform Kangen water® machine owners in the proper handling of the chlorine it makes. Chlorine in water can show up in three different forms: Chlorine gas, hypochlorous acid, or hypochlorite. The form that chlorine appears in is pH dependent.

Acidic strong Kangen water® will contain chlorine in gas form. For this reason, you should only make this type of water with adequate ventilation.

What Enagic® fails to inform its owners is that the chlorine their machine makes would be much safer to use – and a far more effective disinfectant – if they mixed the strong acidic Kangen water® with the strong alkaline Kangen water® until they reached a pH range of 5 -7. In that pH range, chlorine appears in the form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Hypochlorous acid is the most effective disinfectant in the world; it’s lethal to all known bacteria, viruses, and cysts within 30 seconds of application

Batch Water Ionizers better suited for making a disinfectant

A batch water ionizer makes ionized water one batch at a time. One advantage of using a batch ionizer to make ionized water is that you can make the ionized water as strong as you want. Another advantage is that batch water ionizers are much easier to clean than drinking water ionizers. The Life Ionizers 3000 is the machine you want if you want to make strong acidic and alkaline waters and it cost only $1197.

Why the Kangen water® Machine is a Scam:

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Why pay almost $4,000 for one machine when you could have two for $2,692

You can get the all-new Life M5 drinking water ionizer and the Life 3000 batch ionizer for less than you’d pay for one Kangen water® machine! With both Life machines, you would have a water ionizer dedicated to making alkaline water for your health, and a batch water ionizer that can make cleaners and disinfectants.

Life Ionizers has experts on staff that can advise you on safety in the making, using and storing of chlorinated ionized water (strong Kangen water®).  We urge you to call us at 877-959-7977 before making chlorinated ionized water.

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