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Kangen Water – Scam or Not?

Is Kangen Water™ a scam? No, but the way it’s marketed sure seems like a scam. The Kangen water machine is a well built water ionizer that makes ionized alkaline water. The machine itself isn’t a scam. It produces healthy ionized alkaline water, with the same health benefits that come from any brand of ionized alkaline water. However, the price of the Kangen Machine is more than twice the price of many competing water ionizers, and it’s just not worth it. The reason Kangen Water™ is considered to be a scam is because of the hard sales tactics used by some independent Enagic™ Kangen multi-level marketers.

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The scam behind Kangen Water is the dishonest sales tactics used to promote it

Caveat Emptor: Enagic™ corporation says it’s not responsible for the claims of it’s multi-level marketers.

Kangen Water™ is healthy, but not twice as healthy

The Kangen Machine makes alkaline water (which Enagic™ calls Kangen Water™) with a pH of 10 or slightly higher, and an antioxidant potential of just over -600 mV ORP.

By way of comparison a Life Ionizer MXL-9 costs $1383 less than a Kangen Machine. It can make alkaline water with a pH of up to 11.5, and antioxidant potential of up to -830 mV ORP.

Fact: The pH scale is algorithmic – each step up is a increase of one order of magnitude. This means that the Life Ionizers M-9 can make alkaline water that is 60 times more alkaline than the Kangen Machine! It gives alkaline water a 40% higher antioxidant benefit as well.

The alkalinity and antioxidant potential of alkaline water is the reason it’s better for you than plain water. Given that fact, it’s obvious that the Life Ionizer MXL-9 makes better alkaline water than the Kangen Machine. So how do Kangen salespeople try to cover up the fact that the Life Ionizer makes better alkaline water? Here’s two fraudulent claims used by Kangen salespeople:

  • Microclustering – A fake science claim, water molecules aren’t arranged in clusters
  • Melting plates – It is physically impossible for ionizer plates to melt

Microclustering  Kangen sales representatives claim that the water molecules in Kangen Water™ are arranged in small, hexagonal clusters. But science says otherwise. Scientists believe that water molecules bond to each other in a process called hydrogen bonding. But these hydrogen bonds break apart as quickly as they form. A hydrogen bond between water molecules only lasts for a few picoseconds – trillionths of a second – before breaking apart. Kangen Water™ is not made of small clusters of water molecules.

Kangen Scam Fact: Kangen claims about microclustering are one of the reasons scientists consider Kangen Water™ to be a scam.

Melting Plates: Another lie used by Kangen sales reps is that the plates in some water ionizers could melt. But the fact is, titanium melts at 3,034 degrees, and the melting point of platinum is even higher, 3,125 degrees. Your oven can’t even reach that high, so there’s no way a water ionizer could ever get that hot.

The dirty secret about Kangen Water™ that Enagic™ doesn’t like to talk about

One thing that Kangen sales people definitely don’t want to talk about is the shortcomings of the Kangen Machine’s filter. According to fine print found on Enagic™ Kangen’s website:

“Elements not removable – Metallic ions and/or salinity present in the original tap water.”

Some of these non-removable elements may be toxic:

Metallic ions are charged particles of metals that include including iron, copper, lead, mercury uranium, and others. If metallic ions are present in your tap water, a Kangen Machine will not protect you from them.

Life Ionizers do filter metallic ions If harmful heavy metals like lead are present in your tap water, Life Ionizers will find out about it for you, and give you a free prefilter with your new ionizer to protect you from them. A Life Ionizer’s internal filters also filter heavy metals, so you get two layers of protection.

Salinity measures the amount of sodium chloride in water. The problem with saline water in a water ionizer is that it makes chlorine. If there is measurable amounts of salt in your tap water, a kangen machine will actually make chlorine while it is running. This means that your alkaline water will actually contain a small amount of bleach!

Life Ionizers will protect you from unsafe levels of sodium In the worst case scenario, you may need to filter your water with reverse osmosis. When you buy a water ionizer from Life Ionizers we will analyze your local water quality report, which is filed by your local water treatment plant with the EPA. If you need advanced filtration such as reverse osmosis, Life will inform you about it and discuss your options with you. Life Ionizers has reverse osmosis systems to treat the problem if you need it.

Why is Kangen Water™ so expensive?

Kangen water isn’t any better than any other brand of alkaline water. It definitely isn’t filtered as well as alkaline water from a Life Ionizers. It is a lot more expensive. The reason Kangen Water™ is so expensive is that it is sold through multi-level marketing. This is the same way Amway and Mary Kay products are sold. Both of those products are more expensive than competing brands you find in a store. In fact, a total of 8 sales people get paid every time a Kangen Water™ machine is sold! Imagine how expensive a new car would be if you had to pay sales commissions on it to eight people!

Products sold through multi-level marketing are no better than products sold through more conventional means. Ignore the claims made by the multi-level sales people that try to convince you otherwise, they aren’t true.

The way Kangen Water™ is marketed  is a scam

The Kangen Water™ scam is the dishonest way Kangen Water™ is marketed to unsuspecting consumers. With proper filtration, you can get good water from a Kangen machine, but you’re still paying too much for it.

Why Life Ionizers is concerned: Enagic™ Corporation says there is nothing it can do about the claims made by Kangen Water™ salespeople.  Enagic™ says their salespeople are independent, and not answerable to Enagic™. But Enagic™’s claim that there is nothing they can do is false. Enagic™ would be within it’s rights to set advertising standards for it’s network of multi-level marketers, but it refuses to do so.

Life Ionizers does set standards for our representatives. Life Ionizers wants you to know the facts. That’s why we don’t allow multi-level sales, we maintain high standards for the claims our staff can make.

All claims made by Life Ionizer representatives must:

  • Be based on medical research
  • Are reviewed by our staff researcher before they’re allowed to be made
  • Meet Better Business Bureau advertising standards
  • Be accurate and helpful to the consumer

Think about this: Life Ionizers takes responsibility for the claims made by our representatives, Enagic™ refuses to take responsibility for the claims made by it’s multi-level marketers. Who do you trust with your health?

Are you wondering if something you heard or read is true? Call us today with your questions at 877-959-7977 we can answer your questions.

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