Kangen water medical studies

kangen water snake oil imageAlkaline water is backed by several medical studies showing its effect on health. Kangen water™  a trademark name owned by Enagic™ Corporation lacks studies. Kangen water™ sales representatives often claim that Kangen water™ has special healing abilities, but what does medical science say about Kangen water™?

Nothing – There are actually no medical studies on Kangen water™ – despite the claims of Kangen sales representatives. The reason scientists don’t bother to test Kangen water™ for health is that it is a scam. The Kangen scam has bilked many consumers by promoting Kangen water™ as a cure-all without any research to back the health claims made for it.

Alkaline water is backed by medical studies

Bone Health – Unlike Kangen water™, alkaline water has been studied and the results are promising. Some of the most promising research has shown that alkaline water can help maintain bone health. Research on alkaline water for bone health has focused on its ability to provide calcium to the body.

Research has shown that even if you get enough calcium in your diet, your body may not be able to use it. Drinking water has been shown to be the best way to get calcium; in fact, calcium and magnesium are 30% easier for the body to absorb from water than from other sources.

Hydration – Recent breakthrough research suggests that the primary channel for water to enter the cells is through small channels called aquaporins. These tiny channels can admit one billion water molecules per second – in single file -to pass into and out of cells! Some of these aquaporin hydration channels are gated – controlled – by pH and by the presence of minerals like calcium.

Stomach Health – A recent study showed that alkaline water has the ability to neutralize stomach acid. The ability of a base such as alkaline water to neutralize acids is called its alkalinity. Alkaline

water has higher alkalinity than ordinary water because it contains hydrate minerals like calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide.

As a matter of fact, calcium hydroxide in the form of slaked lime is commonly used to raise the pH of water by public water authorities. It is preferred because it is very effective at neutralizing acidic water.

Can alkaline Water help you?

That depends on a number of factors, and only your doctor knows for sure. If your body is deficient in calcium or magnesium alkaline water may help. Mineral deficiencies are considered to be factors in many health problems. If you are concerned about your body’s mineral nutrition status, your doctor can perform some simple tests that can find out.

Life Ionizers recommends you speak with your doctor before making changes to your diet and lifestyle. Your health is precious.

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