Kangen Water Scam is Bad Science

kangen water scam ad infographic

CBS 2 Got fooled by Kangen, bigtime

The Kangen Water™ scam is run by independent sales representatives of the Enagic™ corporation. These independent representatives bilk unwary consumers out of their hard-earned money by misrepresenting the benefits of kangen Water™.  Consumers get taken in by Enagic™ sales representatives who claim that the kangen™ machine provides unique health benefits. But careful examination of the claims made by these Enagic™ independent  sales representatives reveals that their health claims are fraudulent, because they are based on bad science.

Life Ionizers believes: It’s unfortunate that some independent representatives of the Enagic™ corporation choose to besmirch the name of the company they represent. The kangen™ machine  is a reliable, albeit overpriced, machine. There’s no need to lie or make stuff up about alkaline water, just ask anyone who drinks it.

Kangen water™ pseudoscience

One claim made by independent Enagic™ representatives for the Kangen Water™ machine is that it “microclusters” water, which is supposed to make it easier to absorb. Kangen™ sales reps describe fantasy water where water molecules “cluster” together in pretty hexagonal shapes, just like snowflakes.

Physics of water

Water molecules do not stick together when water is in liquid form. The only time water molecules cluster together is when water freezes. This is also true for every substance on Earth! In liquid form, molecules vibrate, bounce around, and slide past each other. This fact is known to physicists as the Three States of Matter. The fact is, when water molecules cluster together like snowflakes, they are snowflakes!

Kangen Water™ snake oil

The way Kangen™ sales reps describe their water is bad enough, but then they double-down on the microclustering nonsense by making miracle “cure all” claims based on it! There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back many of the health claims that Enagic™ representatives make for their machine.

The unfortunate effect of the outlandish health claims made by Enagic™ sales reps is that they cast aspersion on the healthy benefits of alkaline water. This prevents many people from looking further into alkaline water, so they never have a chance to benefit from it.

Cure-all kangen water™ claims

There is no such thing as a “cure all” medicine, food, water or anything else. When you see an ad for Kangen Water™ that gives a long list of diseases that Kangen Water™ is supposed to cure, you can be certain that it’s a scam. Keep in mind: It is illegal for Kangen Water™ representatives to claim to cure any disease.

The real science of alkaline water

There are benefits to drinking alkaline water, and it is better than plain water. The reason is simple chemistry. A water ionizer makes water alkaline by changing the form of the minerals in water. Tap water in most of North America and Europe contains mineral carbonates. A water ionizer changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates.

FDA Recognized Mineral Nutrition

Mineral hydrates are good for you because they make a valuable contribution to your body’s nutritional needs. According to the FDA, one of the mineral hydrates in alkaline water, calcium hydrate is used to fortify infant formula and orange juice with calcium because of its superior nutritional value. According to the FDA, the other mineral hydrate – magnesium hydrate – is also commonly used in food to fortify it with magnesium.

Real Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Many people can benefit from improving their intake of minerals, and alkaline water can help! As a matter of fact, alkaline water may be the best way to get calcium and magnesium. It is an accepted medical fact that calcium and magnesium are 30% easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food.

Research shows that alkaline water has a positive link to bone health. Drinking alkaline water has been shown to reduce markers of bone loss, and improve calcium uptake. Studies in done in Japan suggest a digestive benefit as well. One of the largest studies on minerals in water suggest that adequate mineral intake from water is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure, and associated with good heart health.

Why a water ionizer is a healthy choice

Minerals from water are good for you, and as a matter of fact, you probably have a great source of minerals in your home – tap water! It’s true, water from your tap contains calcium and magnesium, but you won’t drink it. Why? Because tap water tastes awful!

In addition to making it healthy, a water ionizer makes water taste great. Alkaline water is sweeter and more refreshing than the water you are drinking now. As a matter of fact, Life Ionizers guarantees it! A water ionizer is a shrewd investment in your health because it helps you drink more water. Think about it, if your water tastes great, you’ll drink more of it!

Want refreshing healthy alkaline water? It’s easier than you think! Call us today at: 888 790-8121 .


  • Susan Lerner says:

    I have been drinking this water for over 5 years now. I no longer have to take any arthritis medication and my hands are loaded with arthritis! I had trouble keeping bottled water down just like acid reflux from food. Those symptoms are gone as well. I love my Life Ionizer & don’t go anywhere without my water!!

  • joe says:

    That fake ad you mention is a real TV station in Los Angeles. It looks like pat Harvey from the cbs/kcal news. Found on channel 2 and channel nine respectively

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