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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Why the Kangen water Ionizer needs chemicals

Nearly all home water ionizers are able to make acceptably strong alkaline water without the use of chemicals except for the Kangen water® Machine. In fact, without chemicals the kangen® machine is matched or out-performed by other companies’ entry level models. What’s wrong with the kangen® machine? It is simply too weak to stand on its own, it doesn’t have enough power to get the job done. Using  tap water, the kangen machine can  reach a pH of 9.5 (depending on source water). To make stronger alkaline water with the kangen machine, you must add  glycerophosphoric acid calcium (available at extra cost from Enagic).

Enagic claims that the glycerophosphoric acid calcium is only needed with tap water that has a pH of below 6.0, but that claim is misleading because there is no tap water with that low of a pH. The US EPA mandates that tap water have a minimum pH of 6.5

Underpowered Plates: The Fatal Flaw in Enagic’s Kangen water® Ionizer

Why the kangen water machine needs chemicals infographic

The Kangen Water machine costs almost $4000, and you need chemicals to make it work!

The benefit you get from a water ionizer comes from the effect the machine has on the minerals in water. Plain water – bottled or from the tap – will have minerals in it in the form of mineral carbonates. In fact, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are the reason that most people have hard water.

A water ionizer separates the minerals from the carbonates, and then each is discharged through a separate port. Alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium are unstable in water; they grab an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom – known as a hydroxyl ion – from water molecules. The hydroxyl ion then becomes combined with the mineral ion in a process called hydrolysis.

The kangen water® machine has big plates, but low power. As a result, the kangen water® machine can’t develop sufficient electromagnetic force to separate the minerals from the carbonate. Enagic attempts to overcome this flaw by using added chemicals which act as catalysts.

Why you don’t want to add chemicals to a drinking water ionizer

One of the chemicals Enagic provides is a chloride-based salt solution; it is used to make “strong” kangen acid water®. Unfortunately, it also makes the toxic hypochlorite ion – bleach. Enagic urges its owners to flush the machine out thoroughly after making strong kangen water®, but there is no way to ensure that all of the hypochlorite residue has been washed from the machine. This means you run the risk of having bleach contamination in your drinking water!

The Kangen machine is the only water ionizer that can actually destroy its plates. Enagic provides a chemical which produces an acid in the kangen water® machine that is powerful enough to strip the platinum from its plates!

If you do want an ionizer for making hypochlorite, use a batch ionizer. Batch ionizers make ionized water one batch at a time. You get stronger ionized water, and the ionization chamber in these machines comes apart for easy cleaning. Use the batch ionizer to make cleaning solutions. Run a separate drinking water ionizer for drinking water purposes, your health is worth it.

You can get a drinking water ionizer AND a batch water ionizer from Life Ionizers for less than you’d pay for the kangen water® machine! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for the latest special offers and package deals

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