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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

The Alkaline Water Vending Machine for your Business

The Alkaline Water Vending Machine for your Business by Life Water Ionizers

Life Ionizers Alkaline Water Vending Machine Now NAMA Certified

Life Ionizers new 2014 LV-1000 alkaline water vending machine is NAMA certified for use in all 50 states and worldwide. Health conscious consumers want alkaline water and are willing to pay $2 for a 16 oz bottle in stores. With an LV-1000, your business can offer the same healthy alkaline water for much less. With an LV-1000, your business could be the first one in your community to offer alkaline water at economical vending machine prices. Learn More

The Alkaline Water Vending Machine for your Business

Consumers are searching for alkaline water – will they find it at your business?

Why consumers want alkaline water

Health: Recently, water passed soda to become the #1 sought after beverage in America. It’s a simple fact that Americans are becoming more health conscious. Americans want to lose the weight, detoxify, lower cholesterol, and improve their hydration levels. Alkaline water holds promise for all those health benefits and more. Studies on the health benefits of alkaline water are ongoing, and suggest that it holds a lot of promise for improving health. The prestigious Mayo Clinic has written that alkaline water has a link to better bone health.

What doctors are saying about the health benefits of Life alkaline water

Athletic Performance: Alkaline water is also an amazing sports beverage, studies show that it can enhance hydration and fight muscle fatigue. Alkaline water by Life Ionizers is endorsed by pro athletes like Barry Zito, Derek Lee and 100’s of others. These pros drink alkaline water because it helps them stay at the top of their game.

What the Pros are saying:  Testimonials by Pro athletes for alkaline water by Life

How the LV-1000 makes alkaline mineral water

Life’s LV-1000 purifies water with advanced filtration, reverse osmosis and UV Light treatment to remove contaminants. Reverse osmosis removes all minerals from water, so the LV-1000 remineralizes the water after filtration with a healthy mix of alkaline minerals. Remineralizing the water also alkalizes it to healthy pH levels. You can program the LV-1000 to vend any size bottle of alkaline water you want, up to 5 gallons.

What is NAMA certification?

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is a national trade association for the food and refreshment vending, coffee service and foodservice management industries. NAMA sets health and safety standards for vending machines which are recognized as meeting the legal requirements for vending machines in all 50 states. If you are considering a vending machine for your business, NAMA certification is your guarantee that the machine is safe and ready to be licensed for use at your place of business.

Life Ionizers LV-1000 Alkaline Water Vending Machine

The LV-1000 is ideal for health food stores, gyms, yoga studios, or any business with a health conscious clientele. Alkaline mineral water tastes better than plain water – it’s slightly sweeter and more refreshing. The great taste, combined with the healthy benefits of alkaline water and the economical price you can offer will keep customers coming back to your store Life’s LV-1000 can vend 400 gallons a day of alkaline water with a pH of up to 9 (8.5 in California).

Options for your LV-1000 vending machine

Set and Forget Remote monitoring alerts you when it’s time to collect money or when the machine needs service. With remote monitoring, The LV-1000 notifies you of:

  • Let’s you know when filters need to be changed, or other maintenance is needed.

  • Alerts you when it’s time to collect money from the vending machine.

  • Provides you with a daily update on how much money was collected, and how much water was dispensed

Credit cards/Smart cards The LV-1000 accepts coins and bills standard, you can upgrade it to accept credit cards and smart cards.

Catch the alkaline water wave before your competitors do

Alkaline water is fast becoming the most sought-after water in America. Bottled water manufacturers are rushing new brands to market to take advantage of rapidly growing consumer demand. With a Life LV-1000, you can take advantage of consumer demand, and be one of the first businesses in your area to offer economical vended alkaline water. You owe it to yourself to consider this lucrative sideline moneymaker for your business – before your competitors do.

Innovative purchase and lease options make having an LV-1000 at your business easier than ever. Call us today at 877-959-7977 for complete details.


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