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20 Tips to Help you Drink more Water

Think you only need to drink more water when you’re thirsty? Guess Again! If you’re aged 50 or older, your body can mistake thirst for hunger. Younger people can count on their body’s thirst mechanism to tell them when to drink more water, older people can’t. For those of us who do need a little help, here’s 20 tips that will help you drink more water.
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Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study

Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study | Dehydration is killing firefighters Heart attack due to dehydration is the number one cause of death among firefighters while fighting fires, according to Effect of Hydration on Whole Blood Viscosity in Firefighters.  Heart attack easily beats out smoke inhalation and
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75% of Americans suffer from Chronic Dehydration

3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated Are you one of them? If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t drink enough water.. Many people choose coffee, soda, or even energy drinks as their beverage of choice during the day. Those beverages do provide some hydration, but even so
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Should I drink more Water?

Should you drink more water? Use the simple formula in this article to see how much water you need to drink based on your body weight. Better hydration has many benefits, younger looking skin, more energy, and it even helps improve your mood!
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Why Alkaline Water Hydrates Better

Alkaline water science experiment Why does alkaline water hydrate better than plain water? Because it has lower surface tension than regular water. The surface tension of water determines how well your cells can absorb it through osmosis. The lower the surface tension, the easier it is to absorb. The calcium
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What is dehydration? | 6 Signs of dehydration

What is dehydration? Dehydration is a condition caused by a lack of water and sometimes electrolytes in the body. It only takes between 1 and 2% water loss for the signs of poor hydration to begin to show.  Lack of water is the most common form of dehydration. Lack of electrolytes
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Dehydration: What happens if you don’t drink enough water?

Chances are that you are dehydrated, right now, and its wrecking your health. Learn what you need to do right now to restore your hydration to healthy levels. Dehydration can occur with the loss of as little as 1% of water by body weight. Athletes begin to lose performance at 2% dehydration. Beyond that, dehydration can become a dangerous, life threatening situation that can result in heart attacks. This article lists the most common symptoms of dehydration, so you can learn how to spot dehydration before it becomes a problem.
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How Do I know if I’m Dehydrated

Signs of Dehydration 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from chronic dehydration: If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated, but even when you don’t feel thirsty, you can still be dehydrated! If your body is chronically dehydrated, you will see symptoms: Dry skin Headaches Fatigue – The 3 O’clock
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