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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Does Alkaline Water Lower Blood Pressure?

There are two ways that alkaline water could lower your blood pressure: By supplying needed magnesium, or by improving your hydration status. Magnesium deficiency and dehydration are significant factors in high blood pressure problems, and alkaline water may be the best way to address both
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7 Ways to Eat and Drink Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Most everybody knows what kinds of foods to avoid for a healthy heart, but few people know the foods that can actually heal your heart! Eating the right foods, and drinking the right kind of water can: Reduce bad cholesterol levels Increase good cholesterol levels Reduce blood pressure Prevent a
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3 Benefits of Alkaline Water based on Research

Alkaline water has been clinically tested for its effects on stomach health, bone health, and blood pressure health. The results of all three clinical trials of alkaline water reveal that it does have health benefits. As research continues, it becomes more and more apparent that the many benefits of alkaline
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Alkaline Water for Better Heart Health

Why alkaline water is better for heart health There is a health epidemic of mineral deficiency that is claiming the health of hundreds of millions of Americans and Europeans. Mineral deficiency is causing epidemic rates of heart trouble, high blood pressure, bone loss and more. Many of the hundreds of
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The Most Important Health Benefit of Alkaline Water

Mineral deficiency has reached epidemic proportions in US and Europe. Health problems associated with mineral deficiency such as high blood pressure, heart failure, and hardened arteries will lead to massive suffering and death for billions of people. What is astonishing is that most of the people who are going to
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3 ways alkaline water benefits the body

One of the ways alkaline water benefits your health is by providing essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Your body needs to get these minerals every day to maintain its pH balance, build healthy bones, and more. Water is the best way to get essential those minerals. In fact, calcium
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How Alkaline Water Helps Fight Metabolic Syndrome

The Cure can Feel Worse than the Problem Doctors commonly prescribe several different types of drugs to lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, all of these drugs come with side effects. In some cases, these side effects are serious enough to make people using them decide to make the medically-risky decision to
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