3 Benefits of Alkaline Water based on Research

Alkaline water has been clinically tested for its effects on stomach health, bone health, and blood pressure health. The results of all three clinical trials of alkaline water reveal that it does have health benefits. As research continues, it becomes more and more apparent that the many benefits of alkaline water can have a profound effect on your health

3 benefits of alkaline water infographic
Research shows: For good health, your water had better be alkaline

Benefits of alkaline water for bone health

The strongest clinical proof of the health benefits of alkaline water is for bone health. Studies show that alkaline water reduces calcium loss, increases calcium uptake, and reduces two important markers of bone loss.

One study tested the absorption of calcium from both acidic water and alkaline water. Results from the study were conclusive. The pH of your water matters. If you want to get calcium from your water, it had better be alkaline. The World Health Organization recommends that you get 10 – 20% of your daily needs for calcium from water. This is because calcium is absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than it is from food or supplements

Potential Benefits of alkaline water for acid reflux

Clinical testing conducted in Japan on alkaline water on people with chronic stomach upset (such as acid reflux) showed that 88% of people who tried alkaline water found partial or full relief of symptoms in about 2 weeks on alkaline water alone – as compared with plain water.

Laboratory testing in the US shows why alkaline water has the potential to bring relief to painful acid reflux. Alkaline water neutralizes acid and permanently neutralizes pepsin. The pain and damage of acid reflux are triggered by both pepsin and stomach acid. Thus alkaline water’s ability to neutralize pepsin may be able to turn “off” the damage caused when pepsin triggers stomach acid.

Additionally, a study in the medical journal The Lancet revealed that it is possible to stop the painful burning of acid reflux just by drinking alkaline water and eating a healthy diet. In fact, it’s likely that you could stop taking your medication entirely,

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries”

That’s an exact quote on the largest study ever on the long-term benefits of drinking alkaline water on heart health. The reason alkaline water is good for your heart is the minerals it contains. You need to get calcium and magnesium every day to protect your heart from the damage that cholesterol can do.

In fact, water is actually the best way for you to get calcium and magnesium. Your body absorbs calcium and magnesium 30% faster and easier than it does from food or supplements. Alkaline water helps you get calcium and magnesium even if you have digestive problems. Clinical testing on people who have a hard time absorbing minerals revealed that alkaline water helped them significantly.

Why a water ionizer is the best way to get alkaline water

Alkaline water is best consumed when fresh. It doesn’t keep well in plastic bottles. If you want your alkaline water to have its maximum antioxidant potential, a water ionizer is your best bet. Every glass of alkaline water you get is fresh from the machine.

Bottled alkaline waters are hideously expensive. In fact, if you bought a gallon of Aquahydrate bottled alkaline water (which is made using a water ionizer!) You would pay $11.20 compare that to the cost of a gallon of alkaline water from a water ionizer, which is about 3 cents per gallon.

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