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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Alkaline Water vs. Flavored Water for Health

Alkaline Water vs. Flavored Water for Health & Why?

Water has recently replaced soda as America’s favorite beverage according to a recent study from Beverage Tracker. One reason for water’s increased popularity cited by health experts is the growing awareness of the harmful effects of all the sugar in soda. Flavored waters account for much of the surge in water’s popularity, despite the fact that flavored waters are expensive. Learn More

Alkaline Water vs. Flavored Water for Health

Alkaline water is a lot better for you than flavored vitamin waters

But is flavored water a healthy alternative to soda? In many cases, no because many flavored waters contain roughly the same amount of sugar that you get from soda! Flavored waters are expensive and frequently offer no real health benefit. Health-wise, you are better off flavoring your own water. Most sugar-free or zero calorie flavored waters are no better because they get their sweetness from artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Did you know? Aspartame – a product of Monsanto Corporation –  is made from the feces of GMO E. Coli bacteria!

The patent for Aspartame

refers to “cloned organisms” that were genetically modified –  aspartame is a GMO – that are “engineered” to produce a large peptide. That peptide is a waste product produced by the GMO-bacteria’s metabolic process. The peptide then undergoes additional chemical processing to produce aspartame.

Alkaline water is much better for your health than flavored water

Many vitamin waters that are sold as “healthy beverages” contain nearly the same amount of sugar that soda does. For example. Glaceau VitaminWater, a supposedly healthy drink contains a whopping 33 grams of sugar. Coke contains 35 grams of sugar. Keep in mind that all the sugar you get from a bottle of flavored water more than un-does any good that the vitamins in it could do.

Alkaline mineral water from a water ionizer contains no sugar, and it’s sweet and refreshing. With every glass of alkaline water, you get essential minerals in an easy-to-absorb form. Alkaline water from a Life water ionizer is similar to the legendary waters of the world like Nordenau, Zam Zam,  and Hita Tenryosui.  In short, the health benefits of alkaline water are nothing new, people have been drinking alkaline mineral water for health and healing for centuries.

The water you drink matters: 6 Life Changing Benefits of Alkaline Water

Are sugar-free zero calorie flavored waters healthy?

No. Health experts from prestigious sources like the Harvard School of Public Health, and Purdue University warn of a dangerous side-effect of artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners “trick” your body into thinking it’s getting calories. But because it doesn’t, the body compensates for the “missing” caloric energy by slowing your metabolism down. Sugar-free flavored waters can actually cause you to gain weight!

Alkaline water vs Flavored Water: Taste

Many people turned to flavored waters because they like the taste better than plain water. Obviously, anyone would prefer to drink something that tastes good. Alkaline water tastes great, in fact, many Life Ionizer customers have told us they prefer the taste of their alkaline water over anything you can get in a bottle!

Life Ionizers Guarantees: You will love the taste of your water

Alkaline water from a Life Ionizer is the best tasting glass of water you ever drank, we guarantee it. With a Life Ionizer, you will prefer the taste of your water – even over many flavored waters!

Antioxidant Bonus: If you like flavored water, you can add a splash of lemon or orange or other citrus fruit to your alkaline water – and it will unleash the antioxidant potential of alkaline water! Alkaline water with a splash of lemon in it first thing in the morning is amazing. You can feel the difference, it’s incredibly energizing, alkalizing, and detoxifying. You can’t get that combination of benefits from any bottled vitamin water.

Water ionizer vs vitamin water: Cost

Vitamin water is expensive, it’s a lot more expensive than regular bottled water. With a water ionizer, you make your own alkaline water for pennies per gallon. In fact, for the price of one bottle of flavored water per day, you can finance a water ionizer!

With a water ionizer, you get all the alkaline water you want. Alkaline water is great to drink, cook with, and it neutralizes pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables! With a Life Ionizer in your kitchen, you will be drinking the healthiest water in the world – alkaline water.

Yes, we can put a water ionizer in your kitchen for a lot less than you think! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for a free consultation.

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