Life Ionizers vs Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine

The Facts: Life™ Ionizers vs Enagic’s® Kangen™ Water Machines

Comparing Life ionizers to Enagic’s Kangen?  This video compares Life Ionizers to Kangen. Life and Kangen are the two top brands of water ionizer. This head to head comparison will show you which one is the best water ionizer for your health and your budget. In this video, the top two brands of water ionizer machine are going toe to toe to find out which machine is number one:

Round One: Before ionization even happens, your water first needs to be filtered.

Kangen’s Enagic machine has only one filter. No matter where you live or what contaminants are in your water you receive the same filter which only takes out chlorine. It doesn’t filter heavy metals, salts, or hundreds of other toxic chemicals. Enagic doesn’t care if your water is clean or not. A quick look on their website even reveals that their units don’t filter out heavy metals. Recent reports on US water quality show that our tap water supply is contaminated with lead, hexavalent chromium 6, radon, PFOA and PFOS and many other carcinogenic chemicals.

Life ionizers filters do remove heavy metals, hexavalent chromium 6, PFOA, PFOS radon and many other toxic chemicals. We give you a free water report analysis and a free custom filter system to make sure we get all the toxic chemicals out of your water. No matter what’s in your water, Life will find it and clean it up for you.

Round one of this fight goes to Life Ionizers!

Round Two: Ionization

There are three factors here that will determine who wins this round of the fight:

  • Plate surface area
  • Functional design of the plates
  • The amount of power to the plates

Ionizer plates come in two main styles: Flat, or MESH which creates more linear surface edges increasing the pH and the ORP levels up to fifteen percent. Life Ionizers made MESH plates tougher by drop-forging them. Life’s new GRID plates are the toughest plates made and they are guaranteed for life. Kangen does not offer mesh plates. The Life Ionizer M9 has nine large MAX Heavy-Duty GRID Plates which are more durable than flat or MESH plates. They deliver more power per square inch to the water than any other plates on the market.

The winner of this round will be determined by the pH and ORP output of our two contenders: Enagic weighs in with a 10 pH and an antioxidant potential of -600 ORP. But Life comes out swinging with an 11.3 pH, and an antioxidant ORP of -800! The only way Enagic could have matched Life’s pH and ORP levels is by using a chemical additive to “spike” it’s Kangen Water. The problem with Kangen’s chemical additive is that it makes the water toxic, so you can’t drink it! And why would you want to drink water spiked with chemicals anyway?

As the second round ends, we can see the clear winner is again Life Ionizers!

Round 3: Power

Next let’s look at power because you need a lot of power to make alkaline water with high antioxidant potential that is rich in molecular hydrogen. The reason you need a lot of power is that a water ionizer uses electromagnetism to separate the bicarbonates from the minerals in tap water. The greater the power, the more efficiently the machine is able to separate those mineral ions from the bicarbonate ions. The result is that you can make alkaline water with a high pH and strong antioxidant ORP. You also want a lot of power if you want molecular hydrogen in your water. It takes a lot of power to split water molecules and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen.

To deliver the most amount of power to the plates, you need two things:

1 – An advanced power delivery system

2 – POWER!

Because the Enagic uses an old-style transformer they can’t produce as much power as more modern ionizers. So instead they sell chemical additives which Kangen machine owners must use to boost the performance of their ionizers. The Kangen machine is too weak to make much molecular hydrogen. It only makes 0.06 parts per million molecular hydrogen at it’s highest setting.

Life Ionizer units use the newest cutting-edge technologies: High-powered Max Yield Switched Mode Power Systems, which produces a lot more power than the traditional transformer used by Enagic. Thanks to all that power, there’s no need for chemical additives. The Life MXL-15 can make up to 5.4 parts per million molecular hydrogen. That’s 90 times more molecular hydrogen than the Kangen machine makes!

As the scorecards go up: We see Enagic with 235 watts of power. And Life with up to 800 Watts. That’s more than three times as much power as the Kangen machine!

Life wins round three, and the crowd goes wild!

Round Four: Warranties

Next, we put both units in the warranty ring because a water ionizer is an investment. You have the right to expect the water ionizer machine you buy to last as long as you do. Enagic offers a five-year warranty on parts and labor with lots of sneaky ways that their warranty can be voided. One way is that they only warranty the machine’s plates against hard water damage once. If it happens a second time, it costs you $800 even though your machine is still under warranty!

Life Ionizers offers a guaranteed lifetime warranty on parts and labor for their top-of-the-line units. When we say our plates are guaranteed for life, we mean it! OUCH Kangen, that’s gotta hurt! That punch really hurt Enagic, we’re not sure if they can last another round! But here it comes:

Round Five: Price

You would think that with all the life ionizer benefits it would cost way more but because you’re purchasing straight from the manufacturer you can purchase a Life Ionizer for almost half the amount of a Kangen. I know it’s hard to believe, but Kangen use as a pyramid-like multi-level marketing technique to sell their water ionizer units. So when you purchase a water ionizer you from Enagic, you end up paying eight people in the downline.

Life Ionizers are sold directly from the manufacturer and the savings are passed along to you!

Round Five ends with a knockout!

And with a clear victory, Life Ionizers has been crowned the Water Ionizer Champion!

Why winners choose Life

With a 60-day money back guarantee, great financing, and a unit that’s just right for you, the choice is clear: Don’t pay more for less – call us at 844 419-2840 today.

Want something with a bigger punch? Try our Life Ionizer MXL15 with 15 GRID Plates – The ionizer designed for clinically-tough health challenges.

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