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Enagic® Water Ionizers Titanium Contamination

Enagic® Water Ionizers Titanium Contamination Risks?

Warning: If you own an Enagic® water ionizer and use the machine to make strong acid water, you face increased risk of titanium contamination in your Kangen® water. On the Enagic® website, under the “maintenance” tab, is a warning about making strong acid water with the Kangen® machine:

ALWAYS allow the machine to clean itself after making strong acidic water to prevent this highly acidic substance from soaking on the plates. If this happens repeatedly without proper maintenance, the plates can eventually become damaged. (Source: Enagic® website)

Acidic Damage to Enagic® Ionizer Plates

Enagic® Water Ionizers Titanium Contamination

Enagic® ionizer plates – dark spots are exposed titanium! (Source: Enagic® website)

The Enagic® Kangen® machine needs an acid supplement to make strong Kangen® acid water, and if the machine is not cleaned properly, the plates can be stripped of their platinum coating, exposing the titanium surface underneath.

Hypochlorous Acid in Kangen® Water?

Enagic® water ionizers require cleaning after being used to make strong acidic water. The machine must run a cleaning cycle, and then owners should run water through their machine and allow it to flush itself. The chemical used to make strong acid water is called Sodium Hypochlorite. Enagic® calls their additive chemical an “electrolysis enhancer”

The problem with Sodium Hypochlorite is that it breaks down to sodium and hypochlorous acid – commonly known as bleach! – When electrolyzed. Hypochlorous acid bleach is a weak acid, but over time, it can oxidize platinum and cause it to be stripped from the Enagic® machine’s plates.

Contaminated Kangen® Water

If you don’t adequately flush an Enagic® ionizer after making strong acid water, you can end up with hypochlorous acid residue as well as oxidized platinum and titanium in your water! Enagic® owners should avoid making strong acid water entirely to minimize this risk.

Life Ionizer® plates have a 300% thicker coating of Platinum than the competition

The ionizers’ plates are the heart of the machine, and the thickness of the platinum coating on them is what determines how well they will hold up. Life Ionizers® 2012 mid and top of the line models now feature a .75 micron platinum coating, which is 300% thicker than competing ionizers. The platinum coating on Life’s 7700 and 9000 series models is so thick that Life guarantees them for life.

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