The Alkaline Water Wikipedia Scam

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Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information – Use caution

Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia takes a skeptical view of alkaline water. The brief article about alkaline water on Wikipedia mentions none of the studies on alkaline water that show how it can support health.  The article doesn’t provide any medical references to support its skeptical viewpoint; instead, it relies on an LA Times article, and three articles about the Kangen water™ scam. Why is Wikipedia so skeptical about alkaline water? Mostly because of the Kangen water™ scam.

Kangen water™ Scam Pseudoscientific Claims

Microclustering: Wikipedia quotes three articles that expose the Kangen water™ scam. One article, written by well-known skeptic Brian Dunning called Change Your Water; Change your Life debunks the claim that Kangen water™ is “microclustered”. Dunning points out the fact that water molecules in liquid form move about freely so they don’t cluster together in hexagonal rings as kangen™ claims. Wikipedia is right that microclustering is nonsense.

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Health: Wikipedia’s stance on the effect of alkaline water on health is based entirely on Kangen water™ claims that are debunked by Brian Dunning, Stephen Lower and one other article from a water filter manufacturer. The fact is, Enagic does make unfounded health claims about Kangen water™, and richly deserves the skepticism it gets. The pseudoscientific claims that Kangen™ (and others who copy Kangen™) makes give alkaline water ionizers a bad name. There are legitimate health studies that show health benefits from drinking alkaline water.

Click here to read an article about alkaline water health studies with links to the actual studies.

Wikipedia on Electrolysis of Water

The Wikipedia article on water ionizers does not deny that ionizers have an effect on water, but the information in the Wikipedia article is wrong, it makes no mention of the effect that a water ionizer has on the minerals in water.

Wikipedia also incorrectly describes the use of electrolyzed water for sanitation. Electrolyzed water for sanitation is made using salt, and it is a potent anti-microbial that is been is used in mold remediation. Wikipedia claims that electrolyzed water is only useful for some forms of sanitation. But the fact is; electrolyzed water made with salt at a near-neutral pH contains Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which has been known to science to be very effective against mold, bacteria, and viruses for over 100 years!

Why is Wikipedia so wrong about alkaline water?

Wikipedia relies entirely on its users for articles. The people that wrote the Wikipedia article on water ionizers are not chemists or doctors. The article lacks any discussion of the actual chemistry that takes place in a water ionizer.

The fact is; Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Everything that appears in the Wikipedia article about water ionizers is based on someone’s opinion.

Life Ionizers Wikipedia Investigation

Life Ionizers conducted an undercover investigation of the discussion page on Wikipedia about water ionizers and found that Wikipedia’s editors refuse to consider the input of experts who offered to contribute to the water ionizer article. The most likely reason for this is that Kangen water™ sales reps have tried to edit the article with their pseudoscientific claims. The Wikipedia editors are justifiably wary of Kangen water™, and you should be too.

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