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New LC-11 Commercial Water Ionizer Means Business

Boost employee productivity and morale, plus give your clientele the healthy alkaline mineral water that keeps them coming back for more! The Life LC-11 is a eleven (11) plate commercial water ionizer designed for business and restaurant use. It’s the perfect machine to have as the office water cooler. The LC-11 turns ordinary tap water into healthy ionized alkaline water. It’s perfect for doctors offices, healthy businesses or offices that want to sell or give alkaline water to their customers, because it fills even large containers fast. The LC-11 has a flow rate of 5 liters per minute, and a hose attachment that makes filling 5 gallon containers a snap.

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Give your employees the healthy alkaline water they want, boost morale and productivity!

What’s new for 2015

The LC-11 can now be had with Life’s new heavy-duty GRID Plate Technology with MAX Coat™: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium – The new 2015 model has a new power supply with dual cooling fans that keep this machine’s electronics cool for even greater durability.  The LC-11  also gets an advanced flow meter that enables far more precise control of your water’s pH and antioxidant ORP.


Why the LC-11 is the best water ionizer for your business

The LC-11 has more plates  and more power than competing commercial ionizers such as the Kangen K8. This means that you get higher capacity water flow than competing ionizers, and more antioxidant potential. The LC-11 can easily handle the high-volume demands of your commercial establishment – its perfect for water stores, large offices, restaurants, training camps & anywhere there is high demand for alkaline water.

The Life Ionizer® LC-11 comes with flat plates standard, or you can opt for Life’s heavy-duty GRID plates: Drop-forged Industrial Titanium with MAX Coat™ 8 layers of platinum, the toughest, longest lasting plates available.

Two versions of the LC-11 – same price! The LC-11 can operate as a countertop ionizer, or you can choose the free-standing version. If you’re looking for an office water cooler, the free-standing LC-11 is exactly what you need.

The LC-11 incorporates the same advanced features that make Life’s home water ionizers the #1 pick of health-conscious consumers in a machine that can handle heavy commercial-use:

  • Advanced RADC Cleaning System
  • 600 Watt SMPS Power Supply
  • Dual internal filters, customized filtration
  • 5 Liters per minute flow rate
  • Up to -800 antioxidant ORP potential
  • Alkaline water up to a pH of 11

RADC Cleaning: Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (patent pending) is Life’s exclusive anti-scale technology that helps keep your water ionizer free of hard water deposits. Other commercial ionizers such as the Kangen Super Leveluk SD-501 aren’t designed to work with hard water (use of any Enagic ionizer with hard water voids the warranty!). The RADC system and Life’s customized filtration enable the LC-11 to give a lifetime of reliable service on hard water with proper maintenance.

SMPS Power: Switched Mode Power Supply is the same kind of power supply used in computers, TV and other sophisticated electronics. SMPS power supplies are more reliable, and more energy efficient than ordinary power supplies

Dual internal filters with custom filtration The LC-11 uses two internal filters, and one or more external filters (depending on the quality of your water) to ensure that the alkaline water you get is of the highest purity. Don’t settle for the Kangen commercial ionizers, because those  don’t filter heavy metals or salt in your water supply.

5 Liters per minute flow rate: Means that you can fill a gallon container in less than a minute!

Up to -800 ORP antioxidant potential: The LC-11 generates the highest amount of age fighting antioxidant benefit of all commercial water ionizers. That’s why Life commercial water ionizers are the preferred choice of doctors offices and other healthy businesses.

Alkaline water up to a pH of 11: Did you know? It takes 23 eight-ounce glasses of Kangen Water to neutralize the acidity in one can of soda. But a Life water ionizer can neutralize it with just 17 glasses! That’s 48 ounces less than alkaline water needed to neutralize the same amount of acidity!

The antioxidant potential and alkalinity of alkaline water is where the health benefits come from. Your customers deserve the best alkaline water you can serve them, and they’ll get it from the Life LC-11 – the #1 rated water ionizer for commercial use!


Save money over the cost of bottled water at your business. Call us at 877-959-7977 for more information on the LC-11 commercial water ionizer

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