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Is the Platinum in Water Ionizers Safe?

Is the Platinum in Water Ionizers Safe and Why?

The electrode plates in most water ionizers are made of titanium and coated with platinum for a reason:

Is the Platinum in Water Ionizers Safe?

You are exposed to more platinum by your car’s exhaust than you are from a water ionizer

Platinum is a noble metal, which means that it doesn’t chemically react with other substances easily. In fact, to get it to react with other substances, you have to heat it up to over 1,000 degrees. If you own a water ionizer, you have nothing to worry about because the platinum used on the plates of a water ionizer never becomes anywhere near hot enough to react with anything. The water in a water ionizer keeps the plates cool. Platinum is used to coat the plates on a water ionizer because it is non-reactive, and it ensures that the alkaline water you are drinking is perfectly safe

Your car: Your main source of exposure to platinum particles

A water ionizer stays cool because of the water in it, but the catalytic converter on your car gets hot enough for platinum to react. While running, the hot exhaust gasses from your engine heat the platinum in your catalytic converter to well over 1,000 degrees. When that happens, the platinum in the catalytic converter acts as a catalyst that enables those exhaust gasses to keep burning. That reaction releases some platinum compounds into the air. According to the EPA, cars are your main source of exposure to platinum.

As compared to a water ionizer, you are potentially exposed to several billion times more platinum by a single drive to the store than you are in a lifetime of drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer. You breathe in platinum compounds every time you drive or go anywhere near a street or highway, so you’ve been breathing in platinum particles for most if not all of your life. To avoid ingesting it, you would have to move someplace where there are no cars.

Platinum in medicine

Platinum compounds are used in medicine mostly for treatment of tumors. In medications, platinum is combined with other substances because it enhances those medicines’ anti-tumor qualities. Platinum is ideal as part of an anti-cancer medication precisely because it is an incredibly safe way to make those drugs more effective.

The platinum used in medications is called a platinum complex because it is chemically combined with other substances to form platinum compounds. These compounds are designed to react in the presence of tumor cells and destroy them. Pure platinum like that used in ionizers isn’t used in medicine because it is non-reactive.

Pure platinum used in water ionizers

Water ionizer plates are coated with pure platinum because it is  non-reactive. The platinum coating on a water ionizer’s plates ensures that the alkaline water you are drinking is as pure as it can possibly be. It is why Life Ionizers puts eight coats of medical-grade platinum on our heavy duty GRID™  Plates. Our eight coat MAX plate Coating process enables Life to guarantee our plates for life, and put more power into our ionizers and deliver to you the purest, healthiest, best tasting alkaline water in the world.

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