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Bottled Alkaline Water vs Alkaline Ionized Water

Bottled alkaline water’s dirty secret

Is bottled alkaline water the same as ionized alkaline water?  Expensive bottled alkaline water is starting to appear on store shelves, and people are wondering if it’s worth the high price you pay for it. The problem is, bottled alkaline water has a dirty secret: It lacks the antioxidant potential of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer.

bottle-alkaline-water-vs-alkaline-ionized-water infographic

Bottled alkaline water has no antioxidant benefit, and may contain harmful BPA

Bottled alkaline water bought from the market is not the same kind of alkaline water that’s made by a water ionizer. It does not provide the same benefits as ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer does. Worse than that, bottled  water can contains toxic compounds from the plastic bottle it comes in. Consider these facts related to bottled water:

The Problem with Bottled Alkaline Water

The antioxidant potential and pH of alkaline water comes from mineral hydrates. The atoms that make up mineral hydrates, for example calcium and a hydroxide ion, are weakly bonded together in the water. This means those mineral hydrates are unstable – it’s easy to break them apart, and many forces – such as sunlight –  that act on the bottle of water do break down the mineral hydrates in it.

Because the mineral hydrates are so easy to break down, the pH and antioxidant ORP potential of the bottled alkaline water won’t keep. You can see for yourself, test the pH of any brand of bottled alkaline water you find at the store. It will frequently be lower than the pH listed on the bottle. In many cases, you’ll find that the pH isn’t that much above neutral (pH of 7).

Toxic Bottled Water

Before water is put in the bottle at a bottling plant, it is purified as best they can, often by reverse osmosis – which removes all the minerals from the water. That’s a problem, because water that lacks minerals will work to dissolve whatever it touches, including plastic! As soon as it enters the bottle, it begins absorbing chemicals from the plastic. Heat and light make it worse, if the bottle is exposed to sunlight, the rate of chemical absorption increases. For that reason, pregnant women should never drink water from a bottle that has been left inside a hot car!

Once bottled alkaline water is delivered to the store, it is stored on the shelves or at the back of the store. This increases the chance for chemical contamination (Wagner, 2013). The plastic used to manufacture the bottle is derived from petrochemicals, byproducts of the petroleum industry. When you drink bottled alkaline water, you are not just drinking alkaline water, you are drinking the chemicals infused with the water as well (Yang et al., 2007).

Why Life Ionizers is the best choice for water purity

A Life Ionizer makes better water, protects you from the chemicals in bottled water, and saves you money.  Life Ionizers has the best filtration of all water ionizers on the market today because Life Ionizers pulls your Federal Water Report, analyzes it, then builds a custom pre-filtration system that ensures your water is purified of toxins in it.  Life is the only ionizer that comes with free custom pre-filtration that is set up specifically for the toxins found in your water source.

Bottled alkaline water is expensive

You will save a lot of money in the long run by buying a life ionizer instead of a bottle of alkaline water. A life ionizer will be a onetime purchase while buying bottled alkaline  water will be an ongoing expense. With a Life alkaline water ionizer, you will save money, and have an unlimited supply of  safe, healthy drinking water. If you continue to buy regular bottled water, your supply is always limited, and it would easily cost over $1,000 a year’s supply for one person!

Did you know that 25% of all bottled water is made from tap water? If you thought bottled water was a more pure form of water, think again. In fact, the most recent study on tap water conducted by NRDC in 1999 stated that at least a third of the 103 brands tested contained chemical and bacterial contaminants such as carcinogens, crossing the limit set by the industry and state (NRDC, 2009). If you are looking for a safe alternative, consider making your water at home, it’s safer and will save you a lot of money.

Help the Environment

Why do people buy bottled alkaline water? Bottled water can be purchased easily and you can drink it on the go. The problem is that plastic bottles create a lot of waste. You can have the same convenience by making ionized alkaline drinking water at home and putting it in one of Life’s stainless steel 750 ml bottles which preserve the pH and the ORP of the water.  Life also has reusable 2.2 liter and 1 gallon BPA-free plastic bottles that you can fill with ionized alkaline water. In the United States, six out of seven bottles are not recycled. The toxins from these plastic bottles seep out into the soil and watersheds. You can help stop the devastation that plastic bottles are doing to the environment by making a d bottling your own water at home.

The next time you go to the supermarket, try not to venture in to the aisle containing bottled alkaline water. Make a wise choice, purchase a Life Ionizer, and have truly purified, healthy water.

Start saving money on bottled water today. Call us at 877-959-7977 it’s easier than you think to have the healthiest water in the world in your kitchen



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