Why Life Ionizers is #1 for Water Filtration

Why Life Ionizers is #1 for Water Filtration

Life Ionizers is recognized as the leader in water ionizer filtration, even by some of our competitors! This is because Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that provides you with a free custom configured pre-filter system. We guarantee that you have the right filters in your water ionizer for your water quality. All other ionizer companies give you one-size-fits-all filtration, and you simply have to hope that it protects you from the toxins in your water.

The reason Life Ionizers gives you a custom configured prefilter system is simple: Life Ionizers is also a manufacturer and distributor of home, commercial, and industrial water filtration systems! We are backed by a huge inventory of filters and have filtration experts on staff. No other ionizer company has this kind of backing. They also don’t have the water quality experts that Life has on staff that can evaluate your water quality and recommend the right filters to ensure your water purity.

Why Life Ionizers is #1 for Water Filtration

Life Ionizers is #1 for water filtration.

Companies like Enagic Kangen, Chanson, Tyent, and others can’t give you a custom-configured pre-filter system because they don’t have a huge inventory of pre-filters or the expertise that Life does. Those companies sell you an ionizer with a one-size-fits-all filtration system because that’s all they’ve got! When you buy a Life Ionizer, it will come with a pre-filter system custom-configured to target the toxins we find in your local water supply.

How Life Ionizers finds out what toxins are in your water

Every year, your local water authority sends a report to the EPA that lists the toxins they found in your local water supply. This report tells you what toxins were found, and how much. The report also lists any toxins that were found to be at levels higher than permitted or recommended by the EPA.

When you buy a Life Ionizer, we pull that annual water quality report and find out what toxins are found in your water. Life then sets up a pre-filter system with the correct filter(s) to target the toxins in your water. Some cities, such as San Francisco, are lucky. They have great water quality. Other places aren’t so lucky, in a city like Pensacola Florida, Life would configure an ionizer there with a very comprehensive filtration system such as the Life Super Filter. If you want the fluoride filtered out of your water, Life has filters for that too.

What if your water is seriously fracked?

life-ionizer-reviews-5-yearsRecent news reports have revealed that people living in Pennsylvania near fracking wells have severely contaminated water. In other places as well, such as West Virginia, you can’t trust the water quality – at all. In places like these, you need more than a pre-filter. Advanced water filtration by reverse osmosis is your only option.

Reverse osmosis removes everything from your water. Life Ionizers has systems that are designed to remove over 99% of contaminants from water. Water from a Life Ionizer reverse osmosis system is pure water. If you have bad water quality, or water quality experts will be happy to discuss what your options are for cleaning it up.

Pure water can’t be ionized: Life Ionizers custom remineralization

If you do need to treat your water by reverse osmosis, you will need to remineralize it to make it healthy to drink or to ionize it. Life Ionizers has off-the-shelf remineralization cartridges that give you a healthy mix of over 80 essential and trace minerals including coral calcium that you need every day for better health. Life Ionizers uses healthy farm-grown coral calcium to provide those essential minerals. You get all of the minerals you need for better health.

Remineralized Reverse Osmosis: The Ultimate Antioxidant Alkaline Water

There is a major benefit to treating your water with reverse osmosis, and then remineralizing it: When you ionize it with a Life water ionizer, you get the purest, healthiest, antioxidant alkaline water possible. All of the essential and trace minerals you need are there, and the water has the absolute highest antioxidant potential and molecular hydrogen you can get in water that is pH balanced for your health. No other water ionizer can do this. Life is the only ionizer company with the right advanced filtration systems and customized healthy mineralization systems that make this possible.

With Life Remineralized Reverse Osmosis and ionization you get:

  • Highest amount of molecular hydrogen guaranteed
  • Ultimate alkaline water purity
  • Highest antioxidant benefit
  • Complete mix of over 80 essential and trace minerals
  • Powerful acid-fighting alkalinity
  • Best tasting water you’ve ever drank

Power: How the antioxidant benefit of alkaline hydrogen water is made

How does a water ionizer put antioxidant power into alkaline hydrogen water? By charging it with electricity. The antioxidant Oxidation Reduction Potential of alkaline hydrogen water is measured in volts. A negative ORP charge is antioxidant. A positive ORP charge is an oxidant. So for antioxidant benefit, you want alkaline water with the highest possible negative ORP charge.

The Life Ionizer MXL-13 uses 13 platinum coated plates and up to 800 watts of power to generate the highest possible antioxidant ORP – over -900 millivolts! The way to get more antioxidant power and more molecular hydrogen into alkaline water is simple – more power = more antioxidant ORP charge.

Combine a Life Ionizers MXL-13 water ionizer with remineralized reverse osmosis water, and you get clinical-grade alkaline water. That’s why doctors like Dr. Don Colbert use Life Ionizers in their practice, and in their homes!

Yes, we can put the ultimate antioxidant alkaline water in your home. Call us today at 877-959-7977 to find out how incredibly affordable it really is!

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