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What is the best Shower Filter to Remove Chlorine?

Inside a KDF shower filter

The Life Rainshow’r CQ-1000 purifies and energizes your shower water

Chlorine may be turning your shower into a gas chamber. You can be exposed to 600% higher levels of chlorine from shower water as you are from drinking water. Chlorine vaporizes to gas quicker from hot water than it does from cold water so that nice hot shower you’re taking could be filling your lungs with harmful chlorine gas!

The best shower filters are NSF, Gold Seal certified

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recognizes the threat of chlorine to health. For that reason the NSF tests filters that remove chlorine to make sure they are effective. Make sure that any shower filter you buy is NSF standard 177 certified. This standard guarantees that the filter will remove at least 50% of the chlorine in your water.

The WQA Gold Seal means that the shower filter was tested by the Water Quality Association and found to meet or exceed chlorine reduction targets set by NSF 177, plus the materials and components of the shower filter also meet or exceed NSF 177.

Best filter media for a shower filter is KDF

There are three types of filter media used in shower filters:

Activated carbon is usually found in cheaper filters, but it has limitations. Carbon filters don’t last very long, lose effectiveness rapidly, and can even release small black flecks called carbon fines. These carbon fines can end up in your hair.

Vitamin C – These filters are more expensive, and often times don’t perform very well. There are two problems with vitamin C filters. If the filter is effective at removing chlorine, it often doesn’t have good flow rate, so you get poor water pressure and flow. If vitamin C filters have good flow, they usually don’t remove chlorine very well.

Note: Vitamin C filters work good ONLY in cold water!

KDF – Is found in the best shower filters. It is effective against chlorine, long lasting, and allows a high rate of flow. KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, which is a chemical process known as redox that removes chlorine, lead, mercury, and hydrogen sulfide from water. KDF is superior to activated carbon and vitamin C in hot water; it is the only one of these three filter types that reduces heavy metals like lead.

Best shower filter for hair and skin

A KDF shower filter does more than guard your health from chlorine and heavy metals. It also protects your hair and skin. Chlorine dries out hair and skin and wrecks hair color. Metals like iron can also contribute to build up that makes hair look dull. A KDF shower filter makes your shower water healthy for your body, hair and skin!

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