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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Water Pollution FACTS about Chlorine

Water Pollution – Chlorine,

Chlorine a deadly gas

Chlorine is turning your home into a gas chamber!

One of the most deadly chemicals contributing to water pollution problems today, Chlorine (Cl2) is an element that is widely used to sanitize public water supplies in the United States. Chlorine is so deadly that it was used as a chemical weapon in World War I, where it caused horrific casualties. Chlorine is liquefied before being used to treat water supplies, but it readily returns to its lethal gaseous form in home water supplies where it causes severe health problems.

How Chlorine Contributes to Water Pollution

Chlorine is added to water supplies to kill bacteria. The problem is, when chlorine kills bacteria it can leave behind chemical byproducts like chloroform and trihalomethanes – potent carcinogens. Chlorine is a toxic gas that evaporates most readily from hot water, but can evaporate from cold water as well

Water Pollution Epidemic: All US Supplies Contaminated

All 50 states have public water supplies that are treated with chlorine, but that isn’t the only way chlorine gets into your water. According to a report by the US National Library of Medicine (UNLM) there are 1,673 toxic waste sites in the US that are leeching chlorine and its toxic byproducts into public water supplies. This means that it is likely that the amount of chlorine you are being exposed to is may be higher than the amount added by your local water authority.

The EPA and other US government agencies which monitor water pollution report that homes in the US have between 2 and 44 ppb (parts per billion) of chloroform gas in their drinking water. These reports say that all US drinking water is contaminated. Homes unlucky enough to be near toxic waste sites (most US homes are) could have as high as 1,900 ppb of chloroform gas in their water!

Effects of Chlorine Water Pollution

Short Term – Your exposure to chlorine comes primarily from bathing and other activities that use hot water rather than from drinking. Short term exposure irritates the eyes and lungs, and within 15 minutes of exposure victims experience coughing, shortness of breath and headaches.

Long Term – Regular exposure to chlorine in the home has been associated with asthma and other respiratory diseases. An EPA study of chlorine in drinking water – even in small amounts – shows that chlorine causes higher blood cholesterol levels, higher blood pressure, heart diseases, and significantly increases your chances of dying from a heart attack.

Cancer – The byproducts of chlorine, chloroform and trihalomethanes deserve special mention. Both chemicals are classified as potent carcinogens. There are many different cancers caused by chlorines’ byproducts such as lung, bladder, and rectal cancers, as well as some forms of leukemia.

 How to Protect Yourself

Life Ionizers™ has the answer to chlorine and toxic water pollution. The Life Super Filter® media was tested using NSF protocols when the filter media was tested by National Testing Labs (NTL). We tested to make sure the Life Super Filter® was effective against Lead and 55 VOC’s as well as Chlorine.  VOC’s tested for include compounds frequently found in herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvents. The Life Super Filter® is designed to fit nearly all filtration systems, and uses Life’s Charged Modified Composite Blend® filter media which uses a space-age process called ion trapping that was originally developed by NASA to attract and trap pollutants and is rated for 1 micron. No other filter made can protect you like the Life Super Filter®!

Call Life Ionizers™ at (888) 688-8889 to find out more or to order your Life Super Filter® today!

The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water treatment devices in this article  are not necessarily in your water. Click here to receive a free analysis of your local water quality report to find out if chlorine is in your water.


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