How Life Alkaline Water Ionizers protect you from Chlorine

Chlorine in your drinking water can be extremely harmful, even in small amounts. Alkalinity can actually make chlorine’s effects worse. To make sure your alkaline water is as healthy as possible, Life Ionizers takes a multi-stage approach to removing chlorine from your water. Life Ionizers goes the extra distance to filter chlorine from your alkaline water because when it comes to health, purity matters.

how Life alkaline water ionizers filter chlorine infographic

Life Ionizers uses exclusive technologies to filter chlorine from your alkaline water

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Pre-Filtration: The first chlorine filtration stage

Life Ionizers checks your local water quality report for chlorination levels. If your water has excessive chlorination, we will give you a free pre-filter that is designed to reduce it. The pre-filter reduces chlorine levels so that your ionizer’s internal filters can work at optimum efficiency.

Takeaway: Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that gives you a free pre-filter

Second state chlorine filtration: Internal Filters

After Prefiltration, Life Ionizers has two internal filters that reduce chlorine even further. Life’s internal filters feature Vitamin C Ceramic Block (patent pending) technology that is similar to that used in laboratory applications to eliminate chlorine.

Life’s multistage filtration is so effective that in independent lab testing – conducted by ETR Labs – Life’s filtration reduced chlorine to below detectable levels. Quite simply, the lab couldn’t find any trace of chlorine in the water!

Takeaway: Life Ionizers was able to reduce chlorine to below detectable levels in lab tests

Final Stage: Electrodialysis Chamber

Life’s multi-stage filtration is a powerful defense against chlorine, but there is one more stage that protects you. The electrodialysis chamber in a Life Ionizer uses charged plates to ionize your water. The electrodialysis process works by separating the positively charged healthy elements like calcium and magnesium from negatively charged elements like the chloride ion.

Life’s advanced electrodialysis process separates healthy elements from unhealthy ones. Healthy nutrients like calcium are dispensed by the alkaline water side of the machine; unhealthy ones are safely rejected out from the acidic side.

Takeaway: Life’s Electrodialysis process gives you an additional layer of protection from chlorine

Naturally better alkaline water

Life goes the extra distance to filter your alkaline water because we understand chemistry! Our research shows conclusively that eliminating chlorine from alkaline water makes it healthier and better tasting. Alkaline water from a Life Ionizer is as close as you can get to alkaline water in its primordial state: Pure, refreshing, and healthy – just like you get from a mountain spring.

Takeaway: You can taste the difference. Alkaline water by Life Ionizers is the best tasting water you ever drank, we guarantee it!

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