Common Water Pollution Illness Symptoms

Is water pollution making you sick?

common symptoms of water pollution poisoning infographic

These are the three most common ways you can be poisoned by tap water

There are many ways your tap water can poison you, but some are more common than others. Most tap water illnesses are caused by bacteria. A UC Berkley study estimated that elderly persons face a 12% higher risk of developing a stomach illness by drinking unfiltered tap water. Another problem with tap water is chlorine. In the shower, chlorine in water becomes a gas which can fill the shower stall. Symptoms of this type of poisoning include red, stinging eyes, irritated nose and throat, and in some cases difficulty in breathing. The last common water pollution illness is caused by fluoride. Dental fluorosis affects children, it causes spotting on their teeth. Each of these water pollution problems can be prevented with the right water filtration system.

Bacterial Water Pollution

Sewage leaks and flooding are common causes of bacterial water pollution. Short term symptoms of bacterial infection from water include an upset stomach and possibly flu-like conditions. In rare cases, lethal bacteria like the Brain-Eating Amoeba can kill through infected tap water.

UV Light disinfection is the technology used to fight bacterial water pollution. The safest bet is a whole home filtration system with UV Light disinfection. A whole home system with UV light can prevent bacteria from entering your home’s plumbing system.

If a whole home system is impractical, then a water ionizer with UV light is the next best bet. A water ionizer filters water of contaminants before alkalizing it. Life Ionizers offers UV Light disinfection as an option on its water ionizers.

Chlorine Water Pollution

Chlorine is the most common water pollutant, it is added by municipal water authorities to disinfect tap water. Unfortunately, chlorine can be harmful. You are most likely to be exposed to chlorine in the shower. A chlorine filter for the shower is the most economical way of keeping chlorine out of your shower. Chlorine is hard on your hair and skin, so a chlorine shower filter will not only protect your health, it will protect your hair and skin as well. A whole home filtration system can keep chlorine out of your home’s plumbing system entirely.

Fluoride Water Pollution

Fluoride is added to water by municipal water authorities, with the intent to strengthen children’s teeth. But recent research shows that too much fluoride in water causes dental fluorosis. As a result, the EPA is considering reducing the maximum permitted level of fluoride in water. Until they do, you can reduce the amount of fluoride in your water with a fluoride filter.

You can use a whole home system, and keep the fluoride out of your home entirely, a drinking water system to filter it at the sink, or a water ionizer equipped with a fluoride filter.

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