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2018 Life Ionizers Reviews: What Customers are saying

The new 2018 Next Generation Life Ionizers MXL-series water ionizers

have been out for a few months now, and the Life Ionizers reviews are pouring in. Life Ionizers made a big splash with our new MXL-series with Hydrogen XL technology. We increased the power, number of plates and flow rate in our new ionizers. Our new Hydrogen XL technology enables our ionizers to make more molecular hydrogen than any other brand of hydrogen machine. Life also introduced new and improved filters for all Life models. In general, MXL-Series owners love the new look and are highly satisfied with the performance of their new ionizers. Most notable is what Dr Craig Oster has to say to say about Life’s MXL-11 helping him in his fight to improve his health.

2014 Life Ionizers Reviews infographic

The 2014 Life Ionizers M-Series are powerful enough to handle the toughest health challenges

Life Ionizers reviews by doctors

Life Ionizers released the new next generation Life MXL-11 initially for just clinical use. It was immediately pressed into service by doctors and health practitioners fighting the toughest health problems. They needed a water ionizer that was equal to their patients toughest health challenges. The Life Ionizers reviews of the Life  MXL-11 after just a few months “in the field” make it clear that the Life MXL-11 has answered that challenge.

Dr. Craig Oster is doing what many medical experts say can’t be done. He’s fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease and winning. Dr. Craig cites the need for high pH alkaline water with high antioxidant potential to overcome Lou Gehrig’s. His search for a powerful water ionizer that could meet his challenges lead him to Life Ionizers. Here is his Life Ionizer Review:

”My research led me to the clear choice of purchasing a Life Ionizer system. I was thrilled that the Life Ionizer allowed me to have the option of having water at a PH level higher than units that were available from other manufacturers. Also, the Life Ionizer systems generate the highest Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) amongst water ionizers on the market, creating powerful antioxidant potential water.

I am grateful to enjoy vibrant water from my Life Ionizer system each and every day! I would not be without it and I see my Life Ionizer system as an integral part of my holistic healing program.”

Dr. Tom Noonan is an orthopedic surgeon  in Denver, Colorado who specializes in sports injuries. He came to Life Ionizers after becoming dissatisfied with the health effects of drinking water from his reverse osmosis system:

“We love our Life Ionizers machine! Our family prefers the taste of this water to our former reverse osmosis system”

Dr. Don Colbert is the  NY Times best selling author of The Seven Pillars of Health and over 40 other health books. He relies on the alkalinity and antioxidant potential of his Life Ionizer both at home and in his medical practice:

“There is only one water filtration system that I trust and that’s Life Ionizer, the life alkaline mineral water ionizer filters tap water through 3 filters then ionizes and alkalizes it. Ionized alkaline mineral water is the healthiest water available. We currently use one in our office as well as home and it should definitely be apart of your families investment in health, it will be one of the best investments in health you’ve ever made.”

Life Ionizers reviews by customers

Jeffrey Nix reviewed the Life Ionizer MXL-9 undercounter ionizer, and was impressed by how technologically advanced it is. He also liked how easy it was to install and how powerful his new Life MXL-9 is:

“I have used the Under the Counter Life MXL 9 Ionizer for six months. The unit provides a good source of ionized water in the increments indicated as I checked it using the provided pH Test Drops. The counter top faucet is technically impressive, easy to use, looks good, and it is sturdy. Installation was straightforward. My only hitch was I needed to purchase and plumb in a water valve because of difficulty in connecting the ionizer water line to the valve that came with the ionizer. My primary concern is to remove fluoride and other potentially harmful components from municipal tap water while retaining the healthy aspects for drinking. The fact that the water is also ionized is a plus.”

Marisa Zepereri Caruna is battling Lupus. She is also helping others to fight Lupus as a board member of The Lupus Foundation of America. She says she literally “cannot imagine life without my Life Ionizer.” Marisa loves the taste of alkaline water by Life, and most of all loves the fact that Life’s M-Series makes alkaline water powerful enough to detoxify fruits and vegetables of toxic pesticide residues:

“The machine provides water that tastes incredible and has been phenomenal in terms of removing toxins and dirt in our produce … Within just a few minutes of soaking, you can see the water become dark as it removes the impurities. This is a huge help for someone like me whose body and immune system is already not working properly.”

For Connie Fritsch’s husband, alkaline water may be a lifesaver. She bought her Life Ionizer on doctor’s orders:

“My husband in in stage four kidney failure and his doctor said alkaline water was one of the best things he could do for his kidney. I also love my machine and the alkaline water for me too!!!”

Life Ionizers reviews by Water Ionizer Review Websites

So far, out of over a dozen water ionizer review sites we invited to test our new machine, only two have actually tested Life’s new M-Series:

Water Ionizer Expert was impressed by the performance of the Life MXL-9:

“The MXL-9 Next Generation simply outperforms every machine we tested against it. You get stronger alkaline and acidic water than you get from any other ionizer”

Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews: Thinks Life’s new MXL-Series is our best ever:

“Highest flow rate, and best alkaline water, the MXL-Series is Life’s best ever”

Life Ionizers MXL-Series: In a class by ourselves?

Owners of Life’s new MXL-Series love them because these new ionizers deliver alkaline water that is equal to the toughest health challenges. They’re strong enough to detoxify the most toxic produce, and the water tastes great. Compare Life’s new MXL-Series to ionizers costing hundreds more, and you’ll find that you can’t get a better value. Perhaps that’s why the competition doesn’t want to compare their ionizers to the Life MXL-Series.

Compare and save! Call us at 877-959-7977 to find out how much you can save on the best Life Ionizers ever.

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