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There are many people who depend on bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Unfortunately, bottled water is expensive, many households tend to purchase bottled water of inferior quality, it’s often nothing more than filtered tap water! Unfortunately, there is no way that you can determine just how clean bottled water is. There is a way however, to ensure that the water you drink can actually be pure and healthy: The superior filtration of a Life water ionizer system.

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Doctors, athletes, and people just like you love the new 2014 Life water ionizers


A Life water ionizer purifies water in two stages. It removes pollutants and impurities from the water source using a custom-configured pre-filter and two internal filters. Then, it uses electrodialysis to create alkaline water and acidic water. Both types of water can provide various benefits. Best of all, Life’s superior filtration means the quality is vastly superior to bottled water.

Health Benefits

There over 40 studies that document the benefits associated with the consumption of alkaline mineral water. Various studies have shown alkaline water’s potential to support detoxification, bone health, and improve pH balance. This is credited to the minerals in the water and a powerful antioxidant known as negative hydroxyl ion. The ion has a limited life, which is why you can’t get it in bottled water. Normal tap water tends to have a high oxidation potential, which means it may steal electrons from tissues and DNA. This is not the case with alkaline water, it has electrons to donate, which may help reduce damage to tissues and DNA from reactive oxygen species.

Better Hydration

Drinking alkaline water from a life water ionizer can help you get better hydration. Compared to normal water, the alkaline water derived from these machines has lower surface tension. The surface tension of liquids plays a vital role in determining how well the cells will be able to absorb the water. Lower surface tension means your cells are able to absorb water more easily through osmosis.

life-ionizer-reviews-healthyMultiple studies back this fact up. Two studies done at Montana State University by Daniel P. Heil show that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. Another study performed on Firefighters shows that alkaline water could provide life-saving hydration to firefighters, who face the risk of having a heart attack triggered by extreme dehydration

Multiple Advantages of Acidic Water

As mentioned earlier, a life water ionizer also produces acidic water during the electrodialysis process. The acidic water produced is not only harmless, it has many uses. The water can be used to wash wounds and injuries since it is capable of killing bacteria and fungi by drawing the electrons out of them. Acidic water has also been noted to be beneficial for improving the skin, countering mouth sores and adding luster to your hair.

Uses for Acidic Water

  • Skin and hair rinse
  • Water plants
  • Cleaning wounds/burns
  • Sanitation

Why life is better with a Life Ionizer

To get these benefits in your home, all you need to do is get and install a Life water ionizer. A Life Ionizer is an investment in your health, it’s a quality and highly durable system that’s designed to last a lifetime. Why should you risk your health to the chemicals in bottled water when you can have better tasting water that’s good for your health?

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