How to Raise Your Urine pH Naturally

Low urine pH is a factor in many health problems such as metabolic syndrome, yeast infections, gout, and many more.


You can raise your urine pH naturally with alkaline water and foods

While there are many factors to those health problems that you can’t control, you can control your urine pH. You can raise your urine pH naturally by eating alkalizing foods and drinking ionized alkaline water. If your body struggles with maintaining its pH balance, then eating an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water may help you, but first you need to find out if you have health problems that are linked to low urine pH in the first place.

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24 Hour Average Urine pH

Your urine pH varies widely throughout the day. It’s likely to be lowest when you first wake up. Drink a couple glasses of alkaline water, and it’s going to shoot up. Drink a soda, and it’s going to drop like a stone. So how can you know what your urine pH actually is if it’s always changing? By tracking your 24 hour average urine pH.

You need to test your urine each time you go and record its pH over a 24 hour period. If you are tracking your urine pH to see if you’ve improved, it’s best to test it at least one day per week so you can compare results from week to week.

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Lemon juice and other citrus fruits are acidic but you should drink them to raise your urine pH. How can acidic citrus fruits raise your urine pH? Because once your body metabolizes those juices, what’s left over from that process are alkalizing minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium. Those left-over minerals are discharged in your urine, and they raise its pH.

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Alkaline water and alkalizing foods

life-ionizer-reviews-tom-woloshynChanging your diet is important, 80% or more of the foods you eat should be alkalizing foods. Avoid highly acidic foods entirely, that means cutting sugar, soda, and alcohol entirely. You can still drink coffee and tea if you make them with high pH alkaline water. Keep meats in your diet to a minimum. By eating an alkaline diet, you will be able to keep your post-meal urine pH as high as possible.

What kinds of alkalizing foods are in an alkaline diet?

  • Fruits and fruit juices
  • Vegetables and vegetable juices
  • Herbs and vinegar

As you can see, not many foods are alkaline. Eating an alkaline diet means that you will eat mostly fruits and vegetables – but those alone don’t provide complete nutrition. So you should also eat some of the healthier acidic foods:

  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Chicken
  • Fish

These acidic foods are packed with nutrients, and they aren’t highly acidifying like sodas are. Stay away from processed foods, sodas, and sugary snacks.

Between meals, you should drink alkaline water. This will help keep your urine pH as high as possible between meals. Clinical studies have shown that drinking alkaline water can raise your urine pH by as much as a half of a pH to a full pH quickly. A half of a pH may not sound like much, but it’s a big deal. In fact, a half of a pH is all it may take to save your life from metabolic syndrome, a medical epidemic that is sweeping the US and Europe, claiming millions of lives.

Metabolic Syndrome and the link to low urine pH

One of the most serious problems in which low urine pH is a factor is metabolic syndrome. If you have metabolic syndrome, your organs are slowly dying. As they die, your health is gradually declining. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome are:

  • Obesity: Body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Stones
  • High Blood Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure/ Insulin Resistance

The link between urine pH and metabolic syndrome: If you have a 24 hour average urine pH of 5.7 or lower, it is likely that you have all of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. You’re in serious danger and need to act fast! If you have a 24 hour average urine pH of 6.1 or higher, congratulations! You are likely in perfect health. All you need to do is maintain it with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The difference between being in mortal danger of dying from metabolic syndrome and being in perfect health is less than a half of a pH!

Yeast infections aggravated by low urine pH

Got a yeast infection that you just can’t seem to kick? You may be doing many of the right things, drinking sugar-free cranberry juice, taking medications, but it just keeps coming back. Your problem may be low urine pH. Urinary tract infections are caused by e-coli bacteria. Conventional treatments focus on stopping the spread of that bacteria after it has entered your bladder.

Raising urine pH can potentially prevent urinary tract infections before they happen, because an alkaline urine pH deprives e-coli bacteria of the nutrients they need. By raising your urine pH, you are literally starving those bad bugs to death!

Gout be gone!

If you’ve got gout, you want it gone as quickly as possible. Raising your urine pH is the best way to get rid of it. Your problem is that in an acidic body environment, your kidneys can’t discharge all of the uric acid that builds up in your blood stream. So it attacks your joints, causing swelling and pain.

Drinking alkaline water is the fastest way to fight back. As your urine pH increases, your kidney’s ability to flush uric acid from your system also increases. If your urine pH is in the danger zone, a pH of 5 or less, drinking alkaline water can quickly raise it and start purging that uric acid out. There are actually two benefits

  • Raises urine pH to flush out uric acid
  • Maintains higher urine pH to prevent uric acid build up

Drinking alkaline water throughout the day can help keep your average urine pH higher throughout the day, so your kidneys will be working more efficiently to discharge uric acid throughout the day.

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The best source of alkaline water for raising urine pH

A home water ionizer is the best source of alkaline water for health purposes. If you are trying to raise your urine pH, you need alkaline water with a high pH, the higher the better! A Life Ionizer M-13 can make alkaline water with a pH of as high as 12, depending on the quality of your source water. Water ionizers also give your water age-fighting antioxidant potential, something you won’t get from most bottled alkaline water or baking soda.

What about baking soda? You can make your water alkaline with baking soda, but there is a problem. Baking soda contains a lot of sodium, so to use it safely you would need to cut salt out from the rest of your diet, almost entirely. If you don’t dramatically cut your sodium intake, drinking water with baking soda every day can cause high blood pressure and heart problems. How come? The sodium in baking soda also causes your body to discharge magnesium. If excessive sodium consumption depletes your body’s supply of magnesium, you are in for major heart problems.

Bottled alkaline water isn’t a good option. Most of it has a pH of below 10, so it’s not strong enough. You need to drink at least 2 – 3 liters of alkaline water per day, and bottled alkaline water is expensive, so its not practical.

The alkaline water from a water ionizer has none of the shortcomings of baking soda or bottled alkaline water. It costs pennies per gallon to make alkaline water with a water ionizer, and you get a plentiful supply. Enough to detox your vegetables, cook with, as well as to drink. A home water ionizer is a wise investment in your health that will pay you back over the long term as you enjoy your healthy new life!

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