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Alkaline Water Best for Detoxifying Produce

Health experts recommend eating 5 – 6 servings of fruit and vegetables every day for good health. This is very good advice since fruit and vegetables are loaded with healthy alkalinity and essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, most of the fruits and vegetables you eat every day come with something else too: Pesticide and herbicide residue. Tap water rinses some of those residues off, but alkaline water


Alkaline water: The only proven way to wash glyphosate residues off produce

works better because it neutralizes acidic pesticide and herbicide residues.

Alkaline Water Breaks Down Pesticides, Herbicides

Ordinary water has close to a neutral pH, so it can’t neutralize acid. But alkaline water has a high pH, so it reacts with acidic residues and converts them into harmless compounds that simply rinse away. Pesticides such as carbamate and organophosphate undergo a chemical reaction on contact with high pH water called alkaline hydrolysis, which breaks down the active ingredient in those pesticides into harmless compounds, which are easy to wash away.

Some Toxic Herbicides and Pesticides broken down:

    • 2,4-D

    • Lindane

    • Pentachlorophenol

    • Carbamate

    • Organophosphates

    • 3-trifluoromthyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM)

    • Captan

  • Phosmet


How to rinse and detoxify  your produce

life-ionizer-reviews-detoxify-vegetablesUse level 4 alkaline water from a water ionizer to rinse your vegetables and fruit. The higher the pH of the  water, the more effective it will be in detoxifying harmful acidic chemicals. Simply fill a bowl with alkaline water, and let your fruits and vegetables soak in it for 20 – 30 minutes (longer is better). You will see the water turn a brownish color as the  water is detoxifying your produce. Once your vegetables are done soaking, discard the dirty water, and rinse off your produce in fresh clean water.

Alkaline water is best for rinsing fruits and vegetables because it can neutralize many of the toxic residues that plain water can’t. Additionally, many people find that their vegetables actually taste better after soaking in it water as well. Because of this, you should consider a water ionizer to be an essential part of healthy eating, in addition to a healthy source of drinking water.

Need more information on how alkaline water helps detoxification? Call us today at 877-959-7977 to learn more ways alkaline water can help protect your health from the toxic world we live in.


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