Molecular Hydrogen Water Machine Comparison: H2 Chart

Got Molecular Hydrogen? Life Ionizers does! Life water ionizers produce more molecular hydrogen than

any other brand of water ionizer. The Life Ionizers MXL-15 can produce up to 5.2 ppm H2 – that’s more than TRIPLE what our nearest competitor, Alkaviva, claims for their hydrogen water machine. All Life water ionizers produce hydrogen. No matter which Life model you choose, we guarantee it will make more molecular hydrogen than any competitor machine with the same number of plates. Many water ionizer companies claim to make the most hydrogen, Life Ionizers guarantees it!

All H2 test results are confirmed by testing with the H2 Blue® test kit

All of the test results we show here are at the machine’s minimum flow rate. Why? Reducing the flow of water increases the amount of molecular hydrogen a hydrogen water machine can produce. Since our competitors all tested at minimum flow rate, we decided to do so as well. That way you can compare our H2 levels to theirs in a fair test.

Most of these machines produced only tiny amounts of hydrogen. If you run those machines at their maximum flow rate, they may not make any detectable hydrogen at all.

Hydrogen water machine comparison

The chart above shows H2 test results for Life Ionizers and other major brands of hydrogen water machines. We adjusted each machine to get its maximum hydrogen output. The adjustments we made were:

    • Set each hydrogen water machine to its minimum flow rate
  • Turn up the power at level 4 (highest) to maximum power output*

*You can’t adjust the power on some machines. Those machines were tested at minimum flow rate, as-is.

Why Life Ionizers makes a lot more molecular hydrogen than any other brand

To get molecular hydrogen from water, you have to split water molecules into hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms. The atomic bonds that hold water molecules together are very strong, it takes a lot of power to break them. Life Ionizers are the most powerful hydrogen water machines in the world, and that enables our machines to make a lot more hydrogen than any of our competitors.

The problem with hard water, and how Life Ionizers beat it

So why don’t any of our competitors increase the power in their machines to make more hydrogen? They can’t because of hard water fouling.

The problem is that when you split water into hydrogen and oxygen, it leaves behind the hard water minerals in your source water. Those minerals then stick to the hydrogen water machine’s plates. Even a tiny amount of hard water deposits on a hydrogen water machine’s plates will cause a severe drop-off in the amount of hydrogen the machine can make. But Life Ionizers beat that problem with our Molecular Hydrogen XL technology. The system has four parts.

  • Clean-Tek anti-scale technology
  • Dual Action Reverse Cleaning (DARC) system
  • Max Power SMPS power supply
  • Ultra Durable GRID plates

Clean-Tek technology: Prevents hard water minerals from sticking to the hydrogen water machine’s plates. 

DARC system: Automatically works to clear any hard water deposits that get past our Clean Tek system from the machine’s plates

Max Power: Our Max Power SMPS power supplies are more powerful than any other water ionizer machine’s power supply. This is why we make more hydrogen! All that power also ensures that the DARC system has enough power to break free even the most stubborn hard water deposits

GRID plates: Our GRID plates are both incredibly tough, and highly efficient. You never have to worry about our GRID plates failing, they are guaranteed for life! GRID plates are more efficient than any other type of plate. That’s why machines equipped with GRID plates can make more molecular hydrogen than machines with any other kind of plate.

Life Ionizers guarantees the most molecular hydrogen

Our hydrogen water machines beat the competition. In fact nobody comes even close to how much hydrogen our machines can make. We are so confident in our machines ability to produce hydrogen that we guarantee that you’ll get more hydrogen from your Life Ionizer than any other brand of machine with the same number of plates, or your money back. That’s it, no fine print, no exceptions. So if you want the most molecular hydrogen possible in every glass of antioxidant water you drink, Life Ionizers is your best and only choice.

Get the most hydrogen possible – Guaranteed! Call 877 959-7977 and put the healing power of hydrogen to work for you!

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