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Is Live Water Good for your Health?

Would you pay $16 a bottle for municipal tap water from Madras, Oregon – before it was


Drink Live Water and you could end up getting very sick

filtered and treated? That’s exactly what you’d be doing if you bought a bottle of Live Water, a bottled raw water sold in stores. Raw water is water that hasn’t been filtered, disinfected, or treated for impurities in any way. The companies selling bottled raw water claim many incredible health benefits. Doctors who have discussed raw water say it can contain dangerous bacteria and toxins that could make you sick. So who is right? To find out, we have to go back in history to a time when all water was raw water – the early 1900’s.

Drinking Water up to the early 1900s

Up to the early 1900s, drinking water from the tap was a gamble. People routinely got sick from diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery. Many people died, many more were crippled for life. These horrible diseases affected millions of people annually, all across the globe. These diseases were caused by bacterias that are still found in our water supplies today. In fact, if you go camping, it is recommended that you boil any water you plan to use before you use it to kill any bacteria in that water.

1905: A public health nightmare, and a public health miracle

In the city of London in 1905, a faulty slow sand water filter and a contaminated water supply caused a massive outbreak of typhoid fever. Authorities in London turned to Dr. Alexander Cruickshank, who had refined a brand new cutting edge technology that scientists from that age suggested would make water germ free – chlorination.

Dr. Cruikshank’s idea worked, the typhoid epidemic was wiped out almost overnight. Subsequent research enabled the deployment of large-scale chlorination of water supplies. The initial success of chlorination resulted in the technology being rapidly installed in drinking water treatment systems worldwide. From that time forward, you no longer had to worry about getting sickened by your tap water, chlorination was the miracle that ended years of heart-wrenching public health epidemics.

Raw water today

Today’s expensive raw water comes from natural springs, in some cases, those springs have been certified as safe to drink from, untreated, if you consume the water at the spring. But there are no guarantees. The problem is that even if it has been tested, there is no way to guarantee that contaminants and bacteria don’t get in. Just like before chlorination, you take your chances on any given day that the water extracted from the spring is safe to drink.

What are the health benefits of Live Water?

There are no health studies on Live Water. There are studies on non-US sources of raw water, one of them evaluated the water from a spring in Comano, Italy (This water is not for sale in the US). The study examined the effect of that water on wound healing. That study didn’t test raw water on humans. Instead, it cataloged the bacteria found in the spring water and quoted other studies that suggested that those bacteria were beneficial in wound healing. All of the studies examined the effect of topical application: Treatment by putting the water on the actual wound.

Key takeaway: None of the studies on raw water have actually looked at what happens when you drink it, and there are no studies on Live Water at all.

The bacteria found in the Italian spring water are different than the bacteria found in Live Water. In fact, two of the species of bacteria found in Live Water could actually be harmful: Pseudomonas oleovorans and an unidentified species from the Acidovorax genus. Further research would be needed to find out what, if any, effect these potentially harmful bacteria may have on your health.

Key takeaway: Some of the bacteria found in Live Water could potentially harm your health. Drink at your own risk

Bottom Line: Live Water is not a good investment in your health

Live water makes many claims about their water and health benefits, but none of those claims have been evaluated by medical research. Furthermore, there may be as-yet undetected health risks that come from drinking untreated water. Your best bet is to drink water that has been properly treated for human consumption. If health benefits are what you’re looking for, there are over 40 studies that suggest you’ll find those benefits in a glass of alkaline water.

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