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Is Ionized Water the Silliest Food Fad Ever?

A recent article published in The Denver Post by Dr. Kent Sepkowitz contained so many gross inaccuracies about the chemical properties of ionized water that I felt a rebuttal was in order. Below is Dr. Sepkowitz’ description of how a water ionizer works, it lacks even a shred of scientific basis.

 ionized water facts infographic

Science – Not Snake Oil

Dr. Sepkowitz describes what a water ionizer does:

“A gizmo … to run your tap water through. The devices contain electrodes that purport to realign your water, split off some hydrogen atoms along the way, and rid it of various pesky problems so that it will taste better and be healthier”

What a water ionizer actually does:

A water ionizer separates the dissolved mineral carbonates in tap water into alkaline halves and acidic halves. The alkaline minerals then hydrolyze with water to form mineral hydrates. The carbonate (dissolved CO2) combines with water in a separate compartment to form a weak solution of carbonic acid.

The chemical process that occurs in a water ionizer has been well documented on this blog as well as elsewhere. Clearly, Dr. Sepkowitz didn’t spend much time researching the ionization process

Clinical Studies  of Alkaline Water

Dr. Sepkowitz didn’t spend much time researching the effects of alkaline water either. He states that there are no clinical trials. That’s false, here are three clinical trials that Dr. Sepkowitz missed:

Clinical evaluation of alkaline water for stomach complaints

Clinical evaluation of alkaline ionized water for abdominal complaints: Placebo controlled double blind tests Alkaline Water and Stomach Complaints

Clinical evaluation of alkaline water for bone health

Alkaline mineral water lowers bone resorption even in calcium sufficiency: alkaline mineral water and bone metabolism.
Clinical evaluation of the effect of pH on the taste of alkaline electrolyzed water

 Effect of pH on the taste of alkaline electrolyzed water

 A brief history of alkaline water

Dr. Sepkowitz speculated that alkaline water may be a “fad”. But the fact is, people have been drinking alkaline water for centuries from protected mountain springs for health. Prior to the rise of large pharmaceutical companies, doctors actually prescribed alkaline water as a cure! The first recorded medical uses of alkaline water occurred around 1810.

Today, bottled mineral waters are popular for health, their benefits are well known. Dr. Sepkowitz neglects to mention that water ionizers simply turn your tap water into alkaline mineral water. Alkaline ionized water for health has been around for centuries, and it is here to stay. Dr. Sepkowitz, ionized water isn’t a “silly food fad,” Life Ionizers invites you to look much deeper.

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