What does a water ionizer do?

What does a water ionizer do? It makes your water healthy water!

A water ionizer turns your tap water into ionized alkaline water, which is sweet and refreshing and great for your health. Your tap water often tastes bad because it contains mineral salts that give it a chalky taste. A water ionizer electromagnetically breaks down the mineral salts in your water, separating it into alkaline and acid halves. The alkaline water contains alkaline minerals from your water, mostly calcium and magnesium. The acidic water contains carbonates, dissolved CO2. The  fact is,the calcium and magnesium in your water is good for your health,  – they just need to be ionized. A water ionizer ionizes the calcium and magnesium in your water for maximum health benefits.

How a water ionizer works

How an alkaline water ionizer works

Water ionizers change the minerals in water – not the water itself

A water ionizer uses electrically-charged plates and an ion-permeable membrane to separate mineral ions from carbonate ions  which are found together in your tap water. The electrically charged plates act as magnets. Mineral ions – calcium and magnesium – have a positive charge, so they are drawn through the ion-permeable membrane towards the negatively-charged plates. The carbonate ions have a negative charge, so they are drawn through the ion-permeable membrane into towards the positively-charged plates.

When the alkaline minerals are separated from the carbonates, they become unstable. They react chemically with water – a process called hydrolysis – to form new mineral compounds in the water known as mineral hydrates. These mineral hydrates consist of a mineral ion and a hydroxyl ion.

After being separated from the mineral ions in water, the carbonates also hydrolyze with water to form a weak carbonic acid solution. Carbonic acid is carbon dioxide dissolved in water.

Mineral Hydrates make alkaline water better

The mineral hydrates in alkaline water, mostly magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide, are recognized by the FDA as being beneficial for human nutrition. As a matter of fact, calcium hydroxide is so good that it is used to fortify infant formula and orange juice with calcium!

What a water ionizer does is simple science

The claims made in this article can be proven with a simple test. A few drops of sulfuric acid in alkaline water will cause the mineral hydrates to precipitate – fall out of solution. They form pile of crystals on the bottom of a test tube (or whatever container you are using) that you can see. Those crystals form because the sulfuric acid converts the calcium hydroxide into calcium sulfate, which doesn’t dissolve in water.

The tap water used by the machine to make alkaline water does not produce the crystals because it has no calcium hydroxide in it. The alkaline water made by any brand of water ionizer will produce the calcium sulfate crystals using the test described here.

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