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Warning: Use only Genuine Life Ionizer Replacement Filters

You could pay a steep price for cheap knock off filters. Recently, Life Ionizers service department


Genuine Life Ionizer filters ensure your Life Ionizer continues to perform well and protect you from toxins

has been receiving machines that were damaged. The damage was caused when their owners bought non-genuine replacement filters. The knock-off filters leak and damage the socket that the filters are installed in. One owner even came home to find that their replacement filters had burst and flooded their kitchen. If you try to use non-genuine replacement filters in your Life Ionizer, it will void the warranty. It can wreck your ionizer and maybe even cause thousands of dollars in flood damage to your home. Always insist on genuine Life Ionizers replacement filters. This article will show you how to tell the difference between genuine Life Ionizer replacement filters, and cheap knock offs.

How to make sure you’re getting genuine Life Ionizer filters

Your best bet is to buy directly from Life Ionizers at Simply click on the link, enter the model of the Life Ionizer you have in the search box. The site will then display the correct filters for your machine. Alternatively, you can get genuine replacement filters for your Life Ionizer from authorized Life Ionizer dealers. If you are in doubt if the person you are dealing with is a genuine Life dealer, give us a call at 877-959-7977. We’ll find out for you.

Knock off filters can endanger your health

Life Ionizers keeps the price of our filters as low as possible to make owning and using your Life Ionizer as economical as possible. The only way to beat our pricing is to cut corners. That’s the problem with knock off filters. They have inferior filter media and are of poor build quality. We investigated, and here’s what we found:

Life’s technical support department inspected filters that were returned to us along with machines needing repair. We found that the gasket between the filter and the machine doesn’t line up right. That’s what causes the filters to leak. People who tried to tighten those filters to make them work damaged their machine. The knock off filters don’t have the same high quality filter media that Life Ionizer filters use. Most importantly, the cheap, knock off filters lack our patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration. Laboratory-grade filtration that protects you from chlorine and chloramines.

Danger: Knock off filters may be made in China

Life Ionizers filters are made in Korea. They must meet high standards because Korea certifies water ionizers as medical devices. China doesn’t certify water ionizers as medical devices. So filters made there don’t have to meet the rigorous standards that filters made in Korea must meet.

Life Ionizers ranked #1 for water filtration

Another reason you want to stick with genuine Life Ionizers filters is that they are rated #1 for water filtration quality. Our filtration technology is simply unmatched. Life filters increases the antioxidant potential of your water prior to ionization. They ensure you get the maximum antioxidant potential in every glass of alkaline water you drink. In fact, our antioxidant optimizing filters are so good that we guarantee them. You’ll get the maximum antioxidant potential in every glass of alkaline water you drink. In conclusion, we don’t guarantee non genuine filters performance or reliability, because we can’t guarantee the performance of those filters.

Worried about your water quality? Life Ionizers can make your water the healthiest water you ever drank. Call us at 877-959-7977 for a free consultation


  • Michael Keisling says:

    The problem with ordering filters form you is that when I call it’s always well.. we just ordered them so it will take 2 weeks to get to us then we will send them out. This would be acceptable but it always take 4-6 weeks . Why can’t you just have them in stock? I have stage 4 metastatic cancer and rely on this water that the Dr. ordered. I am really disappointed with the service I have received.

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