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Best Alkaline Water Machine Reviews 2018

Best Alkaline Water Machine Reviews: Where to find them

The best alkaline water machine reviews online are written by real people and found on sites like Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot, and others. But you should beware of water ionizer review sites: Most water ionizer “review” sites are owned by water ionizer companies that want to promote a particular brand, so those reviews are always biased. Even when the reviews are honest, a water ionizer review site also can only tell you so much, they never report on how well an alkaline water machine works over the long term. They test a machine once, then move on.  Reviews from actual owners tell you a lot more because they’re the ones that are using the alkaline water machine you’re looking at, day in and day out. So actual owner reviews tell you how well the machine works in actual usage.

Amazon and eBay are the best sources of water ionizer reviews

Most people who give reviews of products online do so on Amazon and eBay, these two sites are the retail giants of the internet, and both sites actively encourage reviews. You will find reviews for all the major brands: Life Ionizers, Enagic, Jupiter, Samsung, and others. The best thing about water ionizer reviews on Amazon and eBay is that you can ask the person who wrote the review questions about their review. The answers you get will be from somebody who actually knows because they own the machine you’re interested in!

Best Alkaline Water Machine Reviews 2014

Life alkaline water machine reviews by real people, who actually own Life Ionizers

Yelp for the best local alkaline water machine reviews

If the company you’re considering buying a water ionizer from is local, head over to Yelp and check out reviews there. Yelp doesn’t sell products as Amazon and Ebay do, but it has become the go-to source for reviews of a local business. You will often get great insights about a company’s’ customer service on Yelp.

Why Trustpilot reviews are so helpful

Trustpilot does more than just collect reviews from customers, they’ll also contact a company if that company gets a poor review so the company has a chance to make it right. Because of this, you get the chance to see how the water ionizer brand that you’re considering handles things should a problem arise. Trustpilot monitors the company’s response, and it’s factored into the company’s Trustpilot rating.

If you look up Life Water Ionizer reviews on Trustpilot, you’ll find that Life had only one customer that needed help. Life Ionizers responded immediately and to that customer’s satisfaction. Overall, Life has an 8.2 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot.

Alkaline water machine reviews on Life Ionizers

Possibly the best source of Life Ionizer reviews come from Life’s own testimonial page. This is because Life’s product line is all-new for 2014! Life’s new M-series is our best ever, so we’ve focused on getting our customers to review them. Because Life’s M-Series has only been available to the public for less than a year, it’s going to take a while for Amazon, Ebay and others to gather new Life Ionizer reviews.

What people are saying about Life Ionizers

Do you know what makes it worth coming to work at Life Ionizers? Reading testimonials from people who have experienced the life-changing benefits from drinking the alkaline water made by their Life Ionizer first hand:

Jeffrey N bought his Life M9 over 6 months ago, he’s impressed with the fact that his ionizer is able to reach the pH levels it says it does: “The unit provides a good source of ionized water in the increments indicated as I checked it using the provided pH Test Drops.”

Ann L: “I feel as if I purchased something quite extraordinary” Ann has owned a Life Ionizer for just over 2 years. She found out one day, to her shock, that her town’s water supply had been infected by e-Coli bacteria! Thankfully for Ann, she ordered her Life Ionizer with the optional UV Light filtration system – a technology found only in Life water ionizers. UV light inactivates bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Ann’s Life Ionizer protected her, she didn’t even need to boil her water as her neighbors did!

EA Von Bergen Bought 4 Life 9100’s 2 and a half years ago, and he feels they “represent the best value in the industry” because his Life Ionizers hasn’t had the kind of problems our competitors have had. The reason he hasn’t had problems is that Life Ionizers insists on providing the right prefilter to pre-condition your water for your water ionizer. As a result, Life’s filter system protects you from problems in your tap water that competitor’s filter systems don’t.

Why Life’s MXL-Series alkaline water machines are better

So why did Life Ionizers change its entire line of ionizers over to the new MXL-Series in 2018? Because the MXL-Series was a huge step forward for us. Life Ionizers developed our new Clean-tek anti scale technology and our new Molecular Hydrogen XL technology. The performance of these new alkaline water machines is incredible: They reach higher pH and ORP values than previous Life models, they make lots of molecular hydrogen, and they flow at much higher rates.

The only thing Life didn’t change is our industry-leading commitment to customized pre-filtration. Every new Life Ionizer sold comes with a free custom-configured pre-filter. The system is configured based on the water quality report that your local water authority files annually with the EPA. That report lists the contaminants found in your water. Life Ionizers then gives you the right prefilter system to protect you from them.

Free Custom pre-filtration – only Life Ionizers has it.

Protect yourself with the only alkaline water machines that come with Free custom pre-filtration. Call us today at: 877-959-7977 to find the hidden poisons in your water, and learn how to protect yourself.

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