Life Water Ionizer Reviews | The Pros choose Life

The Pros choose Life | Life Water Ionizer Reviews

Professional athletes are serious about hydration, they know that as little as 1% dehydration affects your performance. It can mean the difference between a game-winning play, or an embarrassing defeat. That’s why when it comes to hydration, more pros choose Life. The new 2014 water ionizer M-Series Life water ionizers set a new standard for performance, and the pros are noticing. Interest in the new M-Series from professional athletes has been huge, and if you see what their teammates who have the new Life Ionizers are saying, you’ll understand why.

Life Water Ionizer Reviews | The Pros choose Life

The reviews are in – The Pros are raving about the hydration benefits of Life alkaline water ionizers

Major League Baseball Pros endorse Life Ionizers for superior hydration

Geoff Geary has been in the big leagues for over 10 years, and he’s tried all sorts of supplements to maintain peak performance. But of everything he’s tried, he credits alkaline water by Life for really delivering performance: “Life Ionizers is key to my game”.

Ryan Dempster wants what’s best, not only for his health but for his family’s. He says he choose Life because Life filtration is “the best of the best”. Ryan is convinced that there are benefits to choosing the best: “I know I will benefit from the product and, just as important, so will my growing family. I would highly recommend these products.”

Damien Jackson is a 17-year Major league veteran, he knows a thing or two about staying on top of his game, day in and day out. Damien says that alkaline water from his Life Ionizer is a vital part of his daily routine: “Alkaline water from my Life Ionizer has become a vital part of my daily routine and I encourage you to try it and see what it does for you.”

NFL Pros stay on top of their game with Life Ionizers

Shawne Merriman likes to keep it sharp, and he can feel the difference that professional-grade hydration makes: “Hydration matters when you have to be at your best, day in and day out. My Life Ionizers makes alkaline water that’s more hydrating than regular water – I can taste and feel the difference.”

Quintin Demps credits the alkaline water from his Life Ionizer for making a noticeable improvement in his game: “My performance on the field has definitely improved since picking up my Life Ionizer, I’ve never felt as invigorated or energized before I started drinking this water. It’s great!”

Edgar Jones is always thinking about his performance, and looking for the best. When he tried alkaline water by Life, he was hooked: “I found Life Ionizers alkaline water and was hooked from the start. Drinking the water always leaves me feeling fresher, energized, and generally on top of my game.”

Fighting the good fight with Life Ionizers

Mixed Martial Arts may be the most demanding sport on earth. Champion fighter James Lee brings alkaline water from his Life Ionizer to every training session, and every fight: “Every time I take to the ring for a match the alkaline ionized water from my Life Ionizer comes with me. I’ve had my Life Ionizer for only about 3 months, I immediately noticed how much better this water is. Thanks, Life!”

Dean Lister is a 9 times over world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. He insists on alkaline water from his Life Ionizer in the gym and in the ring: “Alkaline water from my Life Ionizer helps me perform in the gym and in every fight at the highest level possible.”

Curtis “The Demon” Demacre has high expectations of any product, and if he’s not satisfied he’ll keep looking until he is. Curtis went through a long period of trial and error before he found Life Ionizers: “It took a prolonged period of many trial and errors before I was able to find the most effective and results-driven product for me – Life Ionizers.”

On top of your game: What alkaline water by Life Ionizers feels like

It’s no coincidence that more pros choose Life, from the very first glass, you can taste and feel the difference. You’ll notice the taste right away: Sweeter and more refreshing than any water you’ve ever tasted. You’ll feel the difference too – better hydration is very satisfying – especially after a hard training session or after a big game. And it’s more than just a feeling: Studies have documented the fact that alkaline water hydrates better than ordinary water. Once you’ve tried alkaline water by Life, you’ll never want to go back to drinking plain water. Learn More


Experience the power of professional-grade hydration for yourself. Call us today at 877-959-7977 for more information




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