Alkaline Water Theory of Micro-clustering is Nonsense

Search on the internet for the benefits of alkaline water, and you will find many websites that claim alkaline water is micro-clustered for better hydration. The problem is, the micro-clustering theory about alkaline water is nonsense, because it defies the laws of chemistry and physics.

Why alkaline water isn’t micro-clustered

three states of matter alkaline water infographicMolecules only cluster together in solids, never in liquids or gasses

When water molecules clump together, water turns into ice. In liquid form, water molecules do not stick together, they have too much energy. This is a fact of basic chemistry, and it is why many skeptics state that the micro-clustering theory is nonsense.

The Chemistry of Alkaline Water

Elemental minerals such as calcium and magnesium can’t exist on their own in water; they quickly combine with other substances to form compounds. Calcium in water is most commonly found in the form of calcium carbonates, basically calcium + carbon dioxide.

Water ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to split mineral compounds in half. Once a compound like calcium carbonate is split by an ionizer, the calcium immediately combines with water molecules to form calcium hydrate. The carbonate goes to form carbolic acid.

Nobel-prize winning research suggests that the reason alkaline water is believed to hydrate better is because of tiny channels called aquaporins in the walls of cells in our bodies. One of these aquaporin channels is controlled by pH. If your water is alkaline, the aquaporin opens and allows water into the cell. If water is acidic, it will close, and not let water into the cell.

Facts about Alkaline Water Hydration

Alkaline water has been shown to hydrates better than plain water. But the reason it does has nothing to do with the size of water molecules. Ionized alkaline water hydrates better because of its pH balance, and the hydrated minerals that water ionization process produces.

Research performed at the University of Montana on cyclists showed that alkaline water hydrates better 17% than plain water.

Benefits of improved hydration:

    • Reduces blood pressure

    • Younger looking skin

    • More energy – better workouts

  • Helps the body flush out toxins

The cyclists in the study reported that alkaline water made it easier to work out; they felt it took less exertion. But the key take-away from that study is that the water was enhanced with added mineral hydrates.

Other studies have supported the hydration benefit of alkaline water as well. There is no disputing; alkaline hydrates better than plain water, but alkaline water’s hydrating ability is because of its mineral content and possibly its pH level, it has nothing to do with the size of water molecules. Water ionizer sales people that claim that alkaline water is micro-clustered don’t understand science.

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