Why alkaline water is good for you

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Drink alkaline water every day for improved pH balance

Your body must maintain your blood at slightly alkaline pH for good health. It is difficult to do, because the body is under constant assault from acids. The foods you eat, many beverages, and even your own metabolic processes are all sources of acidity in the body. Alkaline water contains bicarbonates; it’s good for you because the body uses the bicarbonates to buffer acidity.

If the pH of your blood becomes too acidic, a temporary condition called metabolic acidosis results. The body works to correct metabolic acidosis through breath or urine, but these systems can’t always handle the load. The body will resort to stealing bicarbonates from the bones if it needs additional acid buffering capability

Alkaline Water buffers Acidity

Alkaline water goes to work in the body right away. When you drink alkaline water on an empty stomach, it goes directly into the intestines where it is absorbed. The intestines absorb nutrients best at a pH of 8.3, which is alkaline.

Once absorbed by the intestines, the bicarbonates in alkaline ionized water enter the bloodstream. The body uses these bicarbonates to buffer acids. The body also needs water to flush acidic wastes out through the urine.

Alkaline Water Supplies Essential Minerals

The World Health Organization recommends getting 10 – 20% of your daily requirement for essential minerals from water. This is because minerals in water are easier for the body to absorb from water than they are from food. Alkaline water contains bicarbonates of magnesium, calcium, and others that the body needs every day.

Some studies have shown that the minerals supplied by drinking alkaline water can overcome mineral deficiencies in the body. Mineral deficiencies can cause problems like high blood pressure and bone loss. Studies have shown that alkaline water lowers markers of bone loss, and can reduce blood pressure caused by mineral deficiency.

Alkaline water provides superior hydration

Research has shown that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. Hydration is essential for good health. Athletic performance and mental concentration drop off with just 2% dehydration in the body. Dehydration also causes the blood to thicken, which can stress the heart. Hydration is critical for moving wastes through the intestines, body temperature control, and many other functions.

The best way to get alkaline ionized water

For best results, you should drink alkaline ionized water every day. A water ionizer is the best source of alkaline ionized water because the machine makes a constant, fresh supply of it. When you have an ionizer, a fresh glass of alkaline ionized water is as close as your kitchen sink.

Since an ionized water machine gives you a constant supply of alkaline water, you can cook with it and make your food more alkaline. You may also find yourself becoming more popular among friends, because they will probably want to fill up their water bottles at your house!

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